Jul 30

Skelmersdale Railways

Like many local people I was aware that a railway line had existed on “the old line” running past the duck pond down to the brickworks and beyond but I was not aware that a line came from the goods yard and crossed Sandy Lane between the Victoria Hotel and the Town Hall. This line served the Chapel House Colliery and from Sandy Lane ran parallel to Clayton Street approximately half way between Clayton and Marchbank. It turned behind the Nonconformist Chapel and crossed Sharrat Street (then called Charnock Road) at its junction with School Lane. From there it went through Olive Grove and the junction of Lancaster and Rose to the pit which would now be between Lancaster and the Trinity Cof E school on Kiln Lane.

It`s amazing what can be discovered looking at old maps. The above is courtesy of Lancashire Mario Maps and the First Edition OS 1/2500 map. I don`t know the map date but would guess at 1860s or 70s .

I hope some members may find it of some interest, I know I did and there doesn`t seem to be too much banter at the moment.

Jim P