Apr 22

The Delph

Many visitors to this site will recognise this scene. I presume it was once a quarry, and had filled with water. Some intrepid locals used to swim there…it must have always been very cold!

Please someone leave a comment and tell me what happened to this once famous landmark, is it still there?

The little boys posing on the edge are members of my family – John (Jackie) Myers and Eric Watkinson.


Apr 22

Grimshaw Lane Shop.



In the 1920s and 30s my Gran, Mrs Alice Myers, had the shop in Grimshaw Lane which was later taken over by the Kenyon family.

The first photo was taken in about 1921, and shows a group of local kids at the back door of the shop.

Standing at the back: Edna Lyon, May Alker, Eva Myers, Abram Ashcroft, Mary Barton.

Seated at the front: Billy Lyon, Belle Myers, Arthur Sixmith.

During a visit to England, my mother and her sister went to visit the shop which had once been their home. In the photo you see my mother, Mrs Eva Coulshed at the left with her sister Mrs Gladys Johnson and Wilma (who was running the shop at the time) in the centre.

This photo was taken either in 1977 or 1981.

Apr 14

Digmoor School Identities

I included this Digmoor School Photo in my last post. Since then I discovered a sheet of names that my mother had written to identify some of the students at the school at the time. (It was just a lucky find…I was looking for something else at the time!)

So I numbered the photo, and here are the names that she could remember. Who knows, the visitors to this site may see an ancestor or two?

1. Anna Lawrenson (Wainwright)     2. ?     3. Jimmy Barton     4. Tom Barton     5. Jack Pennington     6. ? Kenyon     7. Mr. Mack     8. Sally Pennington (Sargeant)     9. ?     10. Jack Ashurst (?)     11. ? Bannister      12. ?     13. ?    14. Polly Stringman     15. Jem Watkinson     16. Lizzie Watkinson (Halliwell)     17. Alice Watkinson (Myers)     18. ? Bannister     19. ? Bannister     20. Jem Kenyon

(She did not know the others.)


Apr 11

Whos Who

The school photograph of St Richard’s school was taken during a measles epidemic – hence only half the class where available. The children on the photograph are 1. Jimmy Griffiths, John Hardiman, Ronnie Greenall, Eddie Johnson, Martin MacNamara, Michael Neville, John Bickerstaffe, Christine Abbott, Ann Fortune, John Lawrence, Ian Georgeson, James Topping, Margaret Howard, Susan Griffin, Angela Roughley, ??? Cavangh(this girl was from Ireland and I think lived in Cock Farm on Hall Lane for a short time). Ann Ackers, Ann Graham and Angela Mawdsley. Children missing from the photograph are myself Barbara Moulding, Ann Garner, Josie O’Neill, Michael Beech, Eleanor Greenall, Barbara Swift, Charles Critchley – so sorry can not remember anymore. I personally have no school photographs so if anyone has any of my class I would very much like to see them. Thank You.