Jun 05

Glenburn House at Glenburn Colliery Yard


I am looking for more information about an old house, now demolished, which I believe was situated at Glenburn Yard. I believe this was related to Glenburn Colliery.

My grandmother Rose Wilson lived here as a child with her family, in the 1920′s. Her parents were George Wilson and Sarah Ann Wilson nee Smith. George worked on the railways in Southport, he commuted every day by bicycle. Sarah was a housekeeper, her father John Smith was a miner in Skelmersdale, working at Tupenny Pit amongst others. I think this was a local name for Blaguegate Colliery.

I have spent several months trawling the internet to gather information about this house that they lived at. My grandmother’s memories are pretty hazy, and the house no longer exists. From what I can gather, the Wilson family moved from Southport to Skelmersdale around 1924. Apparently the house they moved to, “Glenburn House”, was owned by someone called Mrs Chitson. I think the house was vacant following the closure of Glenburn pit in 1923, and the Wilsons were allowed to live there on a caretaker basis. My gran has many memories of Summer Street, Stormy Corner, the Tawd and so on. Some of her sisters were later employed at Orme Mill.

I have visited the area, and walked the old path by the Tawd from Summer street. There are a number of overgrown foundations there, which I think may be the site where she lived.

Sadly, I have been unable to find any documentation or history of a Glenburn Yard, or a Glenburn house.

I wonder if anyone has any recollections of this pit and it’s yard. It would be great to find any more information about Glenburn house. If anyone has any old photos of the yard or the housing there, I would be extremely grateful.

Thanks in advance,