Aug 25

Digmoor School Fete




A while ago I included the above photo in this blog, knowing that it was some occasion at Digmoor School and that my Nana was in the picture, but left wondering about any further details.

Recently I was looking through an old scrapbook that had belonged to my mother and found a photo copy of a newspaper report which describes this occasion in full.

I think it was the Observer of September 9th, 1937. The headline is:


Successful effort for Upholland Church funds.

It was the third annual exhibition and bazaar, and it seems to have been organised by Mrs R.G. Mack, who was praised for her hard work and organisational skills. (I am assuming that Mrs Mack is one of the ladies wearing a hat in the photo above.)

The opening ceremony was performed by Dr Shirlaw of Hall Green, and presided over by the vicar, Rev. Ivo Keown-Bond.

There is a list of all the prize winners. The thing that I found quite interesting here was that a Mr. T. Watson won a total of 9 prizes for tomatoes, apples, chrysanthemums, roses, asters and most tasteful flower arrangemant. So of course I am wondering – is this the same T. Watson that so many of us were familiar with as an ice cream vendor?  Was horticulture just another of his various talents and interests?

I also note that my Nana, (Mrs Coulshed who had a little grocery shop in Spencer’s Lane and then later in Grimshaw Lane) was names as one of the helpers who ran the grocery stall.

I’d like to upload the whole article, but it is an old photocopy, and not very clear so I don’t know if it would be readable.





Aug 25

Digmoor School Photos





















Thanks to my cousin Jean who sent me copies of these photos. There have been a number of Digmoor School photos on this website, but not these ones, I don’t think. In fact I had never seen these ones before, as I think they came out after we had left to go to Australia.