Mar 29

May Queen

When I was a child we very often had little “May Queen” parades, just in and around our street. I tried to work out what year this was. It was after the Coronation, as my cousin Jean was dressed as “Sir Edmund Hillary” (and his famous achievement happened on the eve of the coronation.) So I am guessing that this little parade was held as a special event for the coronation, (ie not in May) or it was held the following year, 1954.

The lady in the background in the top photo was one of about 3 ladies who were organising our little parade. Sorry I can’t remember her name.

The girl in the crown is Mary Reed. I was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and my brother Harold was the granny. The photo is not all that clear, but maybe some of you readers will recognise some of the faces here.


Mar 24

The Skem I Knew

Playing on the Council School field at the top of Ann St with all the rest of the

gang for hours. Billy Shaws cinema on Elson Rd and the Majestic cinema at the top

Sandy Lane.