Jun 23


Hi, my Dad was John Ellison, born 1940 in Aughton and up until recently his family still lived in there family home which was the Summit at the top of Holborn Hill, aughton right opposite Christ Church, it is in fact where he is now buried, he sadly died on 1987 aged only 47.  He worked for Nacanco in Skelmersdale, I remember some of his old pals, Tommy Knox, Bob Hines but not many more, anybody have any photos or memories they can share with me?

Looking forward to anything you can tell me, thanks Sue

Jun 18

Trucking Aussie Style


Trucks towing muliples of trailers travelling thousands of miles per trip on the roads as described and illustrated by Edith Coombe on her web site <http://hopingforrrain.com> which is a facinating insight of Edith’s life in Australia deservedly of your comments.