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Old photos of Skelmersdale

Aerial photo - Old Skem station and the railway

here's a photo taken from the top of Callows chimney (don't know the date) showing Skelmersdale Station with railway carriages in the sidings. The Railway Pub (later the Roundabout Pub) and its bowling green is in the foreground, the backs of the houses on Ormskirk Road (with the washing out) down the left (now the grass triangle outside Akeds Garage), the old Town Hall facing the camera with the Cenotaph monument to the right.

Where the lighter colour houses curve on the right is where T & W Garners still is but note the houses opposite on this side which are long gone!

Note the farms above the houses on the left - now Turnberry and Neverstich Road, and the line of houses on Berry Street in the distance upper left which was Stormy Corner - roughly now where Stanley Industrial Estate is.

Old Skem station and the railway