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Victoria Hotel

Victoria Hotel

The Victoria Hotel

Location: 7 Sandy Lane

Head: John Cropper, aged 44, beer seller. Born in Lathom

Wife: Ann Cropper, aged 42. Born in Parr, St Helens

Servant: Ann Sharratt, aged 16, domestic servant. Born in Up Holland

Servant: Elizabeth Latham, aged 19, domestic servant. Born in Bickerstaffe

Daughter: Sarah Cropper, aged 2. Born in Skelmersdale

Derby Arms

Derby Arms

The Derby Arms

Location: 80 High Street

Head: James Hulme, aged 60, coal mine hewer. Born in Skelmersdale

Wife: Lydia Hulme, aged 57. Born in Rainford

Step-son: John Richardson, aged 33, blacksmith. Born in Rainford

Son-in-law: Joseph Berry, aged 34, coal mine hewer. Born in Oldham

Step-daughter: Harriet Berry, aged 27. Born in Bickerstaffe

Son: John Hulme, aged 26. Born in Skelmersdale

Son: James Hulme, aged 22, labourer in a coalmine. Born in Skelmersdale

Step-daughter: Mary Richardson, aged 18. Born in Skelmersdale

Step-daughter: Ellen Richardson, aged 13. Born in Skelmersdale

Nephew: James Weston, aged 44, coal mine hewer. Born in Skelmersdale

Stocks Farm

Stocks Farm

Stocks Farm

Location: Now Willow Hey

Head: Daniel Snape, aged 40, farmer. Born in Lathom

Wife: My E. Snape, aged 37. Born in Ormskirk

Mother: Ann Snape, aged 78. Born in Ormskirk

Daughter: Ethel Snape, aged 12. Born in Skelmersdale

Son: Fred Snape, aged 11. Born in Skelmersdale

Daughter: Grace Snape, aged 5. Born in Skelmersdale

Son: Hugh Snape, aged 7. Born in Skelmersdale

Father: John Snape, aged 74. Born in Lathom

Daughter: Lucy Snape, aged 14. Born in Skelmersdale

Son: Mervyn Snape, aged 3. Born in Skelmersdale

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Slack Farm

Slack Farm

Slack Farm

Location: Wigan Road

Head: Thomas Culshaw, aged 71, farmer. Born in Coppull

Son: Hy Culshaw, aged 39. Born in Coppull

Daughter: Agnes Ashcroft, aged 28, widow. Born in Coppull

Son: John Culshaw, aged 30, colliery worker. Born in Coppull

Daughter-in-law: Cath Culshaw, aged 19. Born in Wigan

Grandchild: Hannah (?) Ashcroft, aged 4. Born in Skelmersdale

The Bowling Green

The Bowling Green

The Bowling Green

Location: 10 Daniels Lane, Digmoor

Head: Joseph Ratcliffe, aged 45, publican. Born in Standish

Wife: Mary Ratcliffe, aged 41. Born in Wigan

Daughter: Annie Ratcliffe, aged 18. Born in Coppull

Daughter: Elizabeth Ratcliffe, aged 14. Born in Coppull

Son: Robert Ratcliffe, aged 8. Born in Coppull

Whiteledge Farm

Whiteledge Farm

Whiteledge Farm

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Location: 36 Spencers Lane, Digmoor

Head: Henry Ashurst, aged 41, blacksmith in coalmine. Born in Up Holland

Wife: Jane Ashurst, aged 33. Born in Orrell

Daughter: Margaret, aged 3. Born in Up Holland

Daughter: Mary, aged 1. Born in Up Holland

Boarder: Levi Ashurst, aged 54, colliery blacksmith. Born in Winstanley

Hare & Hounds

Hare & Hounds

Hare and Hounds

Location: 126 Ormskirk Road, Holland Moor

Head: William Dutton, aged 59, publican. Born in Bickerstaffe

Wife: Harriet J. Dutton, aged 51. Born in Liverpool

Son: Peter Dutton, aged 19, barman. Born in Rainford

Daughter Florence Dutton, aged 14. Born in Rainford

Daughter: Ada Dutton, aged 6. Born in Rainford

Adopted son: Joseph Hopkinson, aged 10. Born in Manchester

Quarry Bank

Quarry Bank

Quarry Bank

Location: 194 Ormskirk Road, Digmoor

Head: George Makinson, aged 32, ironmonger/shopkeeper. Born in Wigan

Wife: Susannah Makinson, aged 33. Born in Up Holland

Servant: Mary Baxter, aged 18. Born in Up Holland

Grimshaw Lane Inn

Grimshaw Lane Inn

Grimshaw Lane Inn

Location: 71 Ormskirk Road, Digmoor

Head: Henry Gaskell, aged 49, publican and coal mine hewer. Born in Up Holland

Wife: Elizabeth Gaskell, aged 44. Born in Up Holland

Son: John Gaskell, aged 21, labourer in coal mine. Born in Up Holland

Daughter: Esther Gaskell, aged 18. Born in Up Holland

Daughter: Margaret Gaskell, aged 13. Born in Up Holland

Daughter: Elizabeth Gaskell, aged 9. Born in Up Holland

Son: Harry Gaskell, aged 7. Born in Up Holland

Rev. John Hulley

Rev. John Hulley

The Vicarage, Church Road, Old Skelmersdale

Head: John J. Hulley, aged 33, clergyman (C of E). Born Macclesfield (left)

Wife: Annie E. Hulley, aged 33. Born in Liverpool

Son: John J. Hulley, aged 1. Born in Skelmersdale

Daughter: Dorothy Hulley, aged 2. Born in Skelmersdale

Aunt: Annie M. Gunson, aged 53. Born in Liverpool

Sister-in-law: Emily Davie, aged 34. Born in Liverpool

ervant: Mary A. Marsh, aged 23, domestic cook. Born in Dalton

Servant: Ellen Woods, aged 25, housemaid. Born in Rainford

Servant: Maggie Muldoon, aged 17, nurse girl. Born in Skelmersdale



Ashurst’s Farm

Location: Current the Asda site

Head: Richard Robinson, aged 65, a farmer. Born in Burscough.

Wife: Cath Robinson, aged 66. Born in Lathom

Son: John Robinson, aged 21. Born in Lathom

Son: Geo Robinson, aged 26. Born in Lathom

Daughter: Mary Taylor, aged 29. Born in Lathom

Grand-daughter: Harriet Taylor, aged 1. Born in Skelmersdlae

Son-in-law: Thomas Taylor, aged 30, blacksmith. Born in Ormskirk

Servant: Mary Hart, aged 13. Born in Lathom

Railway Hotel

Railway Hotel

The Railway Hotel

Location: Ormskirk Road

Head: Mark Kellett, aged 40, an inkeeper. Born in Northampton

Wife: Jane Kellett, aged 39. Born in Skelmersdale

Daughter: Alice M. Kellett, aged 21. Born in Ainsdale

Daughter: Mary B. Kellett, aged 17. Born in Prescot

Daughter: Frances A. Kellett, aged 12. Born in Prescot

Daughter: Margaret J. Kellett, aged 10. Born in Prescot

Daughter: Bertha E. Kellett, aged 8. Born in Skelmersdale

Son: Mark D. Kellett, aged 4. Born in Skelmersdale

Servant: Sarah E. Smallshaw, aged 18. Born in Macclesfield

Servant: Mary Horrocks, aged 17. Born in Skelmersdale

Fox & Goose Inn

Fox & Goose Inn

The Fox and Goose Inn

Location: Wigan Road

Head: Hugh Edden, aged 62, inkeeper. Born in Burscough

Wife: Elizabeth Edden, aged 62. Born in Rufford

Son: Hugh Edden, aged 25, mechanic in colliery. Born in Skelmersdale

Daughter: Elizabeth Edden, aged 18. Born in Skelmersdale

Old Fox & Goose Inn

Old Fox & Goose Inn

Old Fox and Goose

Location: Church Road

Head: John Valentine, aged 65, farmer. Born in Rainford

Wife: Helen Valentine, aged 66. Born in Skelmersdale

Employee: Joseph Unsworth, aged 21, farm worker. Born in Up Holland

Skelmersdale Arms

Skelmersdale Arms

Skelmersdale Arms

Location: 1 High Street

Head: Benjamin Piercy, aged 52, hotel keeper. Born in Buckley, Flint.

Wife: Hannah Piercy, aged 49, landlady. Born in Lathom.

Niece: Ann L. Laycock, aged 18, barmaid. Born in Skelmersdale

Barmaid: Annie Taylor, aged 18. Born in Skelmersdale

Servant: Maggie Robertson, aged 19, general servant. Born in Wigan

Charwoman: Mary Mooyes, aged 58. Born in Up Holland

Sephton Hall Farm

Sephton Hall Farm

Sephton Hall Farm

Location: Tawd Lane, Tanhouse

Head: Abel Bentham, aged 65, farmer. Born in Standish

Wife: Jane Bentham, aged 65. Born in Standish

Daughter: Harriet Bentham, aged 37. Born in Standish

Servant: John Ball, aged 13, a boy on the farm.Born in Up Holland

Son: Abel Bentham, aged 24. Born in Skelmersdale

Daughter: Esther Bentham, aged 32. Born in Shevington

Son: Walter Bentham, aged 24. Born in Skelmersdale

Servant: Martha J. Green, aged 20, domestic servant. Born in Prescot

Servant: Jas Philipson, aged 18, cattle man on farm. Born in Skelmersdale

Servant: Cath Speakman, aged 13, domestic servant. Born in Skelmersdale

White Lion

White Lion

The White Lion

Location: 152 Ormskirk Road, Holland Moor

Head: William Grundy, aged 32, licensed victueller. Born in Up Holland

Wife: Henrietta Grundy, aged 32. Born in Up Holland

Mother: Jane Grundy, aged 69. Born in Lathom

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7 thoughts on “1901 Census (1/2)

  1. HI. Just wondered if you have any record of 1901 census for stormy corner/ the beehive and berry street. does any one have another photo of the beehive pub other than the one on your site as it is taken from quite a distance away. many thanks.

  2. Hello Cliff, trying to find out what year the beehive pub was built also who lived there i believe my gt/gt g/dad owned it sometime before 1900 and perhaps later by his son, my auntie used to have the beehive about 1958-1961, my gt/gt/ gdad also lived at rose place which was down the r/hand (dirt track) side of the pub about 1870 family name is houghton, also still trying to get a full on photo of the beehive if possable my sister also worked there for my auntie about 1959 (margaret) thanks john.ps. connections to my family are glover & webster (shoe maker)

  3. Hi Cliff don’t no who you are but we lived in moss lane stormy corner I remember auntie Annie Houghton having the bee hive. I have a picture of my dad as a little boy stood on a chair upside uncle Charlie’s cliff repairs shop ,miss stormy corner very much .

  4. I remember Arthur Houghton from Stormy, lived down one of those little dirt roads same side as DRAPERS shop.
    Think he had a sister Ruth, anyone know of his
    Also Kenny Rawsthorne, never seen him Either.

  5. Hi Dave, Arthur Houghton turned up in the Prince Albert pub in WEsthead last year and we chatted for quite a while. He now lives in Ormskirk.


  6. Has anyone got any info about the history of rose farm, rainford road, bickerstaffe?

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