2 thoughts on “Digmoor Ex-pat needs help

  1. As far as I remember, Mr and Mrs Bert Forshaw lived at whiteledge Farm Spencers Lane Digmoor.They were certainly there in the 1930s and well until the 1960s I think.

  2. The Bennett family were not brought up at Whiteledge Farm. My grandfather Edward Heyes farmed there from before 1919. My uncle Ted was born there in 1919 and my mother in 1921. They left the farm around the start of WW2 in 1939. My grandparents moved to 13 Spencers Lane, near the Bowling Green Hotel and Whiteledge farm taken over by Bert Forshaw who also had a coal round.The Forshaws stayed at Whiteledge till the early 1960s when it was CPO ed by the New Town. A couple of the Bennett boys were good friends with my uncles and in particular with uncle Tommy. I think my grandfather took over the farm from someone called Speakman.

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