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Hi I used to live in Skelmersdale in 1973, we moved to skem from Kilmarnock Scotland. ShirleyAnne, Carolyne, Jackie & Kenny Howe.

Looking to see if anyone we know still lives in Skem. We left in 1979.

We lived in Birkenhead. There was a small park to the left of our house that had an old steam train and if you went past this it lead you to a small parade of shops doctors etc if you came out the other end of the shops you reached another park with large climbing frame which our road was two down from. Have lovely memories of going to summer club by the concorse and at the secondary school. I went to the infants whose field joined the secondary school (can’t remember the names) Bernadette, Collette

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  1. sounds like u lived on digmoor parade where we often played on the old train. there was a small parade of shops and the doctors and dentist most of which is still there except unfortunately the train, there was a big fuss from the locals when it was removed ! nostalgia cannot be replaced eh? I dont think i know u r family but i will ask about as i have lived here since 1970 and went to west bank school by the concourse which is being knocked down soon (the school) as it is now closed. sincerely pat

  2. Hi,

    The park and shops you are describing sound like Birleywood on Digmoor. There was also a doctor’s surgery by the shops (Digmoor Parade).

    The only primary school I can think of which was next to a secondary school was St Marks, the secondary school was St Richards both on Tanhouse.

    I went to both schools but don’t recognise your name but I will ask my older sisters. The two names you mention at the end, Bernadette and Collette, I remember a large family going to my schools that had two sisters among them with those names I think their surname was Byrne.

    Anyway, St Marks was re-built/re-furbished after a fire about 20 years ago but was later merged with St Matthews and St Edmunds and a brand new school, St Francis, was built on the field adjacent to St Matthews and the old St Marks building is now used as a Sure Start Centre. The secondary school, St Richards, was knocked down about 10-15 years ago and private houses have now been built on it the estate is called Holland Park. I still walk past the site occasionally when I pick my own children up from school. At the moment the old gates are still there but the houses are being built with their fences right up to the gate so I guess they will be gone soon.

  3. I have a vague memory that that steam train was noticed/recognised by somebody and it turned out to be very rare and collectable, so it was bought and taken to a museum… Sounds impressive now but it was most annoying 25 years ago when I couldn’t play on it any more!

  4. I lived on Birkrig and used to play on the train at the end of the Parade all the time. I lived there from 1973-1978. I went to St Luke’s Primary School and then to St Richard’s Comprehensive when it was built, which was in 1973 but it didn’t open for us to go to until around January of 1974. I had a teacher at St Richard’s (he was the Commerce Teacher) and I think his name was Mr Worth and I wonder if anyone knows anything about him as he was such an encouraging teacher and a lovely man?

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