6 thoughts on “Harry Simpkin

  1. Have a look at march 2003 photos of the month Harry is sat at the front and his mother in the doorway outside 8 union st.

  2. Streets & Landmark, page 5 picture 11. If you look to the bottom of this street (Union Street)that is the land where your grandfather kept his hens.

    Photo of the Month June, 2003. Stan Simpkin is standing 3rd right next to the lady with a hat on. Hilda Simpkin is in front 1st right & Maurice Simpkin is peeping over the shoulder of a little girl 5th from right on front row. Their mother is standing at the back, 3rd lady to the left of the man.

  3. Yes I did and the rest of the family as well. My mother used to buy eggs from your grandfather.

  4. My Mum’s best friend was Hilda Simpkin. My Mum’s maiden name was Margaret Brierley and they lived in a High Street

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