James Roughley

Is there anyone who remembers the Roughley family who lived at Blaguegate 

Cottages ,Lathom. I am looking for family of James Roughley, 2nd son of of John (Jack) and

Sarah Roughley.  He married Doris M. Potter in 1948 and had a daughter Helen J. in 1973 born in 

Garstang.      posted by  Gilly.

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  1. Second son of Thomas Roughley, younger brother of Jack of Blaguegate Skelmersdale.

  2. Hello
    Not sure how to read your comment. I cannot make any connections with what I know. When I was born (1938) we lived across the road from Blaguegate Cottages in a rented bungalow until we moved further down Blaguegate Lane to a new house. My mother often visited Auntie Sally during the war with we two children in the pram and I used to go to tea once a week when I was older – 8/9 years- after school. I used to fetch milk from a farm across the road.
    Father John Roughley (known as Jack – miner)
    Mother Sarah (known as Sally)
    Son: John (known as Jack) RAF killed in Lincolnshire 1943
    Son: James (known as Jim) used to play the cornet or trumpet. Cannot remember which.
    I wanted to contact the family as I went to a dedication service in Lincolnshire in June. I sent some photos. of the event to the Skem. Heritage Site but don’t know if they were downloaded.

  3. I and my brother eric arecousions of Jim and Jackie roughley i live in Rainford and Eric lives in Kent if you would like to phone me my number is01744885852

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