June 2006′s picture of the month

0606 - June 2006 - Sandy Lane and it's still there today.This month’s picture of the month features Sandy Lane.

Now here’s a rarity for us, a picture of old buildings that weren’t actually demolished by the Development Corporation!

This picture shows the houses opposite the row of shops in Sandy Lane today which include Bickerstaffe’s Butchers and the off-licence.

If you have any recollections of this image please post your comments below.

One thought on “June 2006′s picture of the month

  1. I spent many holidays close to Sandy Lane. My grandmother Daisy Dearden lived in Sherrat Street, opposite a wonderful park with swings !
    i visited the area a good 20 years ago and a very kind lady who I asked in the Library, actually took me to the house, she had known my Grandmother, and my mother.
    Lovely memories.

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