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  1. I have been researching this family on behalf of my wife the daughter of Joseph Phillipson the younger brother of Catherine (Kitty) on the right of the photo and the bride Margaret the Bride in the photo. Would love to have contact with anyone who knew this family and also Charlotte Bannister who married their brother Thomas in 1914 and lived in Clayton Street 1914-1920.

  2. Thanks to people viewing this site I can update some of the names in this picture.
    From left to right I have Jack Blackledge shopkeeper in dark suit,
    Elizabeth and Ernest Collins Grooms parents,
    Bridesmaid ——- Collins Possible neighbour sandy lane,
    John Collins Groom….Margaret Collins(Pennington) Bride,
    back row Thomas Pennington (Kitty`s son),
    Eva Harbord??/Collins,
    Catherine (Kitty) Pennington/Phillipson,
    I am not sure but far right could be Margaret Phillipson.
    Hope this revise`s someone’s memories and help to identify missing people for me.

  3. I have this photo, as well, it was the wedding of my Auntie Margaret.
    It is Joe Blackledge. I have the small wedding album which I believe belonged to my Grandmother Kitty.

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