One thought on “More images of Old Digmoor and Digmoor Farm

  1. This is certainly Spencer`s Lane looking from the Tawd Bridge side back to the junction with Daniels Lane. The house that appears to be in the centre of the road behind the horse and cart was facing Daniels Lane with the Bowling Green Hotel on the corner. However I think it is a good many years before 1939, maybe 20 years plus. On Wigan World there is a photo c1930 of the houses on the right hand side of the road without gardens posted by David Roughley. I understand that the “tall boy” third from the left was his father Brian who later took over from his father Dickie who ran the shop on Daniels Lane next door to the Bowling Green. My mother who was born in 1921 told me that Brian was a couple of years younger than her confirming the c1930 date. The house directly behind Brian on the photo was No. 15, a double fronted house,that according to census records was the Robin Hood Pub.

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