Sally Woods (central figure in photo) was an “Ormskirk Gingerbread lady” grandmother to Danny & John Neville, see previous group photos. Sally would make the mixture for the gingerbreads at her home in Mill Street then take it to the ovens off Burscough Street passing through an alleyway alongside a beer house nicknamed “The Monkeys Nest” which stands to-day and serves as Newlands Tool & Hardware Store.

2 thoughts on “Ormskirk

  1. Where on mill st did sally woods lived?saw the board all abt her in weatherspoons- really interesting. We live on mill st and wud love to know which no and more abt her life there.

  2. Will find out the number , although house demolished now, it was on the left from the main rd .Sally was my husbands great grandmother , her daughter Jane his grandmother who lived in Mill St . I have done the family tree if you need to know anything. I didn’t know weatherspoon had something about her , will go to see it
    Joan Neville

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