Phillipson Family Search 1870-1965

I am trying to find the place and time of the death of Thomas Phillipson born 1889 in Skelmersdale.I know his family lived at 105 Sandy Lane from about 1900 until 1965 before redevelopment of the town took place. The last ones being daughters Catherine (Kitty) who married a William Pennington and Mary who married Peter Barton before moving to Orrell  or Billinge??. They are also related to a Balshaw family.

However my interest is in Thomas who served in the Territorial?? or Loyal Lancashire Regiment from 1908 until his family bought him out in 1911.

He next appears in the Ormskirk Observer appearing in Court for fighting with his father in 105 Sandy Lane in 1914.

I do not know if this is the reason he re-joined the Liverpool Kings Regiment in 1914 or was called up because WW1 was starting but he went on to distinguish himself gaining a Gallantry Medal after being gassed. He rose through the ranks during the war first to Sargent then 2nd. Lieutenant in the Cheshire Regiment. carrying on his career as a recruitment officer until his discharge.

The presentation of his medals appears again in the Observer in 1919 and also in Rev Sands book about which time he is married to a Charlotte Bannister and is living at 61 Clayton Street, her family were living at number 33 Clayton Street and this is were the trail goes cold where and when did the family go after 1919.

I know a lot of time has passed since the last record of this family in Skelmersdale but if someone can move me on to further research Thomas who not only seems an interesting character but was my wife’s Uncle, her father Joseph being his brother I will be eternally grateful.

Bernard Wood


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Married to a Skelmersdale girl who longs to make contact with living relatives that can help her remember Skelmersdale as it was.Her family were the Phillipsons/Horrocks/Overton and Pennington`s who between them inhabited Skelmersdale and surrounding areas from 1899 until late 1965. Her father Joseph Phillipson started work in Blauegate mine aged 14 before going to ST. helens in 1939 ages 24 and worked a total of 51 years in mining. His brother Thomas served in the army before and during ww1 receiving a gallantry medal after being gassed. he married a Charlotte Bannister and had two children but his life after the end of the war is unknown, except for a mention of him receiving his medals in the Ormskirk Observer in 1919

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  1. Thanks Dave been looking for some connection to the Phillipson family for over five years. My wife is the daughter of Joseph Phillipson who was toms brother. have spent a while compiling toms army record but not much detail of his later life??. I believe they lived in Clayton St. and a Phillipson is mention as an inventor in that street but no first name is given so am curious to find if this is him?.
    hope we can exchange any info some time.

    Bernard Wood (woodie)

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