Phillipson/Pennington Family Sandy Lane

I am a decendant of the Phillipson/Pennington family of 105 Sandy Lane. We had neighbours, The Mason Family and think we have found pictures of them and would be interested if any of the family are still living in the Skelmersdale area and could identify who was who in the photos. Four generations of my family lived in Sandy Lane and I think that the Mason’s lived in 103 or 101 Sandy Lane. Any help would be much appreciated.
Val Lees nee Pennington

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  1. I am also a descendant of the Pennington family who I’m told lived in the area in the late 1800′s, early 1900′s.
    I’m just starting to compile a Family tree and would appreciate any info you could give me.
    Sarah Pennington (my great grandmother)married William Charles Sargeant.
    Sarah had sisters Doris who married Hugh Webster, Janie who married Tommy Sharples and a brother Jack who married Polly.
    Many thanks

  2. There are a various Pennington families mostly around Upholland That’s where my Grandfather William originated from and my Gt Grandfather Matthias he had two sisters Ellen and Jane and their Mother my Gt Gt Grandmother Jane. Your relations could be descendants of one of them but I would have to study my tree to see if Sarah, Doris or Janie crop up. Some dates would be helpful. I will see what I can do.
    Good Luck with your research

  3. Hi Valerie the Phillipson family you mentioned also lived at 61 Clayton Street. This is the address of Thomas Phillipson. Mentioned as recieving a Military Medal in the “Ormskirkn Observer” 1919. Also in Rev Sands book about Skelmersdale.

  4. The Phillipsons that lived at Clayton St. were my Gt Uncle Thomas Phillipson(jnr)& Family. Thomas was the Oldest son of my Gt Grandparents Margaret & Thomas Phillipson of 105 Sandy Lane and he was the brother of my Grandmother Catherine (Kitty)Pennington nee Phillipson who lived in 105 Sandy Lane all of her life and looked after my Gt Grandmother until her death in 105 Sandy Lane. Later my Father Thomas Pennington continued to live there after the death of Kitty, he later married and he and my Mother Lydia Pennington nee Balshaw raised my siblings and myself in the family home at Sandy Lane(my brothers were born in 105 Sandy Lane) until Skelmersdales redevelopment and they demolished Sandy Lane. 105 Sandy Lane was situated next door to the Co-op.
    So as you see there were four generations of my family who lived in 105 Sandy Lane at one time 3 generations at the same time of course there were children who married and left home but my Grandmother became the carer of my Gt Grandmother who was blind in her later years.
    So the four generations who lived at 105 Sandy reads as follows
    My Gt Grandparents Thomas & Margaret Phillipson and 8 Children
    My Grandparents Catherine & Wm Pennington and 2 children
    My Parents Thomas & Lydia Pennington and myself and 3 siblings.
    Hope my little potted Phillipson family history was of interest.

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