2 thoughts on “September 2010′s picture of the month

  1. My Auntie & Uncle lived in Taylor Street when I was young at No. 5 I think. They later moved to School Lane

  2. My family included (Mum Sheila, Dad Owen, Sister Carol and me Paul) we all lived at No 3 Taylor street from as early as I can remember, which was then an entrance/exit for the engineering works Callows Eng
    I remember the last days of the railway before it closed for good, but I loved playing kick the can and hop it with the local kids at the soon to be derelict station/booking office and signal box.
    I remember being dragged by my collar to the Co -op before the Sandy Lane Centre by Mum after being disturbed from digging in the garden or sitting on the fence watching the trains go by…
    I did love going to SWLF (South West Lancs Farmers) Shop coz I knew my Mum would like talk with Audrey Houghten ? while I sneeked a biscuit or 2 from the open bags in the shop. It was only later I realised the biscuits I used to nick were dog biscuits.
    Ella Hardisty and Jack,lived futher up the street with her daughter son Alan who I recently met in Tesco’s at Burscough. Derek Hunt and his family moved in just as we moved out in the 70′s (in fact they still live there).
    Local celebrity Painter and decorator Bernard Sweeny and his family lived on the edge of the street till he made his fortune and moved to Liverpool road.
    We moved to 73 Ormskirk Rd with the help of Ernie Benett and his low loader,I guess we must have looked like the Clampetts as we travelled the whole 200 yards from Taylor street to 73 Ormskirk rd.
    Shelia married Jackie (John) Birchall and now live on Delamere Rd, Owen married Win Alty and still lives next to Warbreck Garden Centre at Latham, Carol married for the 3rd time to Albie Beech and live on Spencers lane Upholland, and my self I dated Alf Howard’s daughter for 10 years or more till I got the big E, I then bought my first house on Thurston with Jimmy Doyle’s daughter Suzie in the mid 80′s, 2 years later I moved to Ormskirk with Suzie to Beechwood Drive just off Cottage lane Nr the Fire station.
    I am now married to Tracy who is an English Teacher at Ormskirk school, we have 3 children Freddie (12), Frankie (11), and Ferdi (6) and live opposite the car park on Burscough street in Ormskirk…

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