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  1. The photo BRS 13 is dated approx 1911 (this is assuming that it was taken when the children were 12 and due to leave school) My Grandmother Catherine Phillipson later Pennington of Sandy Lane is in the second row from the rear second from the right I was recently sent a copy of this by my cousin

  2. Barnes Road School has a good selection of class photos albeit with the odd interloper (eg P4 5/21). Clearly some of the photos must early 20th century judging by the childrens` dress and few of the pupils will be known today. What I find particularlly sad is the lack of response to the photos of classes that are still within living memory.

    To me a photo without names could easily be from any school in the country and of no great interest but when I look at the newspaper cutting on P4 (14/21) where the names are given then it is a completely different proposition. Although I didn`t go to Barnes Road school I did go to Skem Sec. and looking more closely at pupils I would only have glanced at, I can then recognise then even though they are younger that when I knew them.

    So come on Barnes Road pupils let`s put some names and dates on the class photos. With a bit of luck it could generate a great deal of interest. Anyone who thinks it unlikely and not worth the trouble should consider how the “Edith Coombe gallery” came to be added to the site.

  3. I was at Barnes Road Infant School briefly in about 1966, as my father’s job meant we had to relocate from Southampton. At first we lived in Wheatacre, on the Pennylands estate, which was conveniently just across the road from Barnes Road. However, we were only there for about 6 months before we moved on to Ormskirk.

    2 things I remember clearly about the school was that each morning there would be a race between the 2 classes to report the registry figures over the telephone (a hi-tech thing in those days) to the secretary’s office.

    The other thing I remember was what I presume was an air raid shelter, left over from war time, beside the playground. All the kids were scared of it, convinced that it was haunted. Even to this day I can only imagine what it must have been like having to have loads of frightened kids in there, as it was only a vrey small hole in the ground.

  4. BRS 88. This photo was taken in Skem park where Witham Rd and Sherratt St used to meet. The houses on the right are in Witham Rd and I think the large building in the background on the left could have been, Charlie Masons “pop” factory near Barnes Rd.

  5. I was at Barnes Road in the 1940s. I remember the air raid shelters outside the school very well indeed. They were not holes in the ground but proper buildings. They were dark and scary and smelt dreadful – urine and goodness knows what else.
    Miss Livesey was my first teacher and I was always fascinated at the end of the day when she used a button hook to do up all the buttons on her boots.
    Are there dates for the photos?

  6. I was at Barnes Rd. I was 6yrs old in 1960 and my mates were Nev Berkley, David Berkley, Stephen Middlehurst among others. My dearest friend who i haven’t seen for many,many years, but have never forgotten,was Chris Park; the son of the local ‘bobby’. We lived at 16 Beech Close. Nev and me went into the Army and i enjoyed a great career which culminated in my service in British Special Forces which was the greatest of privelidges a soldier and humble Skem lad could wish for. I hope all of the lads and lasses who were at school with me are happy and in good health. Thanks for this opportunity.

  7. I was just speaking with a friend of mine, Dorothy Young, nee Wynn, she was born in 1928 and went to Barnes Road School. Does anybody know if she appears in any of the photos or if there are any photos that she may be interested. She’s is really excited about this site which I’ll show to her next time we meet which should be next week. Thanks Sue

  8. I too remember the air raid shelter in the field………I can only remember a few class mate names….Mandy Latham, Donna Fenny, Clare Wosley, Paula Beech, Frankie Donovan, Robby Foster……anyone else please answer on this website…would love to hear from you

  9. my brother and I attended Barnes st school 1940 to 1944
    the headmaster was Charles Band and my favourite teacher was
    miss stazicker. I played football for the school with m woods
    t heaton, glover, pilling .we lived in high st having been bombed out of Liverpool in the May Blitz. We had many difficulties at first but we
    overcame them and made many friends, My brothers name is Dave
    Price who moved to Vancouver in 1956 .Fond memories.
    The shoe factory .Billy Shaws .The Bonk,Spud Factory.Cris Mcrease
    Farm. Dickensonse Farm. The Majestic. Skem Joey Spud picking

  10. I also remember Barnes road….
    Lots of happy memories from about 1968 – 1972
    Who else was in my year?
    Clare Lyons, Caroline Peet, Diane Roach, David Bennett, Paul Mercer, Alfred Handley etc etc ………

  11. I to have fond memories of Barnes Road from 1968 to 1974 and was in same class as Alice and those named in her post. Remember the air raid shelter well and told off many times for going in!

  12. My dad is on 72 BRS Derek Hutton he was about 10 on this photo making it 1947ish

  13. My further memories of Barnes Road School was the Tuesday
    trip to Southport to use the old Victoria swimming baths where I was taught to swim and receive a Swimming Certificate .We travelled
    there by a bus that had previously been used to carry Miners which
    meant the bus interior was covered in coal dust .which didn’t mean a
    thing because every week we enjoyed our trip to Southport and the
    Ice Cream Cornet before travelling back home.

  14. I have just been browsing the site and have come across the posting from Mick Stirling. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I well remember you Mick , and some of the things we got up to in those far off days. Seems you had a full life and packed loads in. For myself ,I went to college in Liverpool and went in the merchant navy as a radio officer . I left to get married and drove hgv,s for a good while . I have eventually finished up in cornwall and love it down here. Hope you are keeping well , and that you get to read this posting. If anyone knows Mick I would be grateful if they could pass on my best wishes to him.By the way does anyone remember a teacher called Miss Brunton ? I remember her as a really kind and lovely person. I have barely read half the posts and it has brought up so many memories , especially the swimming at Southport Victoria baths.

  15. Well well well, Chris Parks,, hahaha I was so in love with your brother David(not that it was knowledgable,, I remember you moving into Beech Close and me and my brothers bringing your mum flowers,’ I also remember Miss Brunton, she was a lovely lady, in my years as a Mum myself I often wonder what her magic was that kept us kids in order for a whole week just to receive a jelly type sweet! Hahaha,,, oh if only I could have bottled my childhood to pass on, very kind regards Chris,

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