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  1. There are two pictures here of my grandad and nana the one of Dick Molyneux who was my dads father sitting on his doorstep, and the one of the lady cleaning the step that was my nana who lived at 53 berry street thanks

  2. That’s correct. I’m Lisa’s older sister, and I lived in Berry Street,at No. 59 until I was almost 13, in 1964. I was a pupil at the Endowed School. My teachers were as I remember….Mrs Valentine, Miss Blackledge, Mrs Robinson and then the Headmaster, whose name I can’t remember.

  3. That’s right. I remember now, I can picture his signature in a book I got as a prize. I can’t remember the name of the teacher I had after Miss Blackledge.

  4. I lived in Vale Lane in 1960 and went to the Endowed. The head master was Mr. Robinson, I think.

  5. Do you want a comment about Stormy Corner. I was an evacuee in 1940 and I attended the Endowed School. The Teachers were Miss Turner, Miss Fell (I believe) and Mr. Beck was the headmaster.

  6. I was at Crow Orchard school in the late 70′s early 80′s and Miss Valentine was there then, she must have been part of the fixtures, i remember her flying slipper and chalk duster…..lol (she used to throw them at you if you were talking during a lesson).

  7. i was at Endowed for a few years from 1967-1969 (Approximately). I remember Mr Robinson as head master, Mrs Valentine (Scary) I have fond memories of my time there and recently had an impromptu tour of the school from the present head mistress as i was in the area. I would really like to contact anyone who was there around the same time if anyone remembers me?

  8. Hi everyone I was at endowd/crow orchard school 1975 I remember mrs Sewell and mrs wilkinson infant teachers then the dreaded mrs valentine who funny enough liked me miss bridge 1st year juniors miss gilderdale mrs farrimond and mr short also mr Cain headmaster they were the best years of my life.

  9. I just came across your photos of Stormy Corner,this is Marjorie .I do have more information lover.ly to see your names

  10. My aunt and uncle lived at Stormy Corner, Jimmy and Clara Thompson. They had a smallholding on the corner with pigs and chickens. We used to visit in the 1960s until they had to move out due to the new town.
    My dad just told me a story about racing pigeons at Stormy. Apparently the people used to open their front and back doors and the pigeons used to fly through the houses to get to their sheds! That’s taking a shortcut to the extreme!

  11. looking at the gallery photos brings back many happy memories to me when my family lived in stormy in the 1940s,i went to the endowed school with my brother Ron and sister Delia, the headmaster was mr Beck and i remember he married my teacher miss Hulme,i wonder if anyone remembers the Hurst family

  12. I was at endowed from 1966 to 1972 . I remember my teachers Mrs Pearson, Mrs Valentine, Mr Robinson was the head. Mr Pilkington was year 6 teacher and I remember him burning his hand when he was doing an experiment with meths.
    Mrs Ashcroft was the school cook. I also remember Mrs Deville

  13. Does anyone remember Les and Mary Woodhose they had a daughter called Joan and one named lesley they lived opposite the seven stars

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