Streets and Landmarks

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  1. just viewed picture of bowling green pub and roughleys shop bake house was at back of shop could always smell fresh baked bread and pies i lived in daneils lane happy days

  2. Hi Dave – can I ask what age you are ? what year did you live in Daniels Lane ?

  3. hello dennis lived in daniels lane from being born 1941 till i got married in 1970 so as you can see an old coger did you go to holland moor school my wife joyce glover went there and remembers a dennis dickinson she says do you have a sister called joan best regards dave

  4. On the photo in ‘Streetsand Landmarks’ the one ’06 STL Pennylands’ shows Florence Road. The man washing his car was my grandad John TYRER outside his house number 7. The rest of the houses in the background are Pennylands. Florence Road only had houses on one side and they were all odd numbers. They mustn’t have got around to building the other side, they were demolished about 1965 / 1966

    Regards Susan

  5. Yes the Truimph Stag was owned by Ella Hardisty’s fella Jack, I spent many an hour getting this car back on the road after the water pump failed after it had been left standing for some time.

  6. If I remember rightly, Ella Hardisty was our pools collector in the mid-sixties or thereabouts.

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