5 thoughts on “Photos of the month – 2004

  1. Jan 04 picture is my dad Stan Simpkin capping whitemoss mine shaft when he worked for McAlpines it is now under Greenhey place Gillibrands.

  2. A stone commemorative plaque relating to the shaft is situated directly in front of the office of Scott Reece solicitors.

  3. The school football team photograph (Sept. 2004 photograph) – is it Barnes Road School team? And have any names been suggested?

  4. The football team is Digmoor school. Would suggest you select the Barnes Rd school gallery, page 4- 70 BRS showing George Verlinden in school team.

  5. to the guy refering to skem i lived in skem for 19 years and i found the people sound as a pound went to westbank and had some good times

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