4 thoughts on “Photos of the month – 2007

  1. Just wondering if anyone could confirm if the second picture tittled “unknown school photo” Was the school on Liverpool Road, old Skelmersdale I think the schools name was westleys or westlams. Any help would be much appreciated.

  2. I’m not sure which school is on the photo that you ask about, but the school on Liverpool Rd was the Wesleyans, a part of the methodist religion, I believe.
    Can’t locate that photo !

  3. Just found the photo in question and I think it is either the Wesleyans or the old st. Richards school which was also on Liverpool Rd.

  4. Re photo of month 2007.
    The school was “St Richards” situated on Liverpool Rd
    adjacent to “Rosbotham Terrace”, see the houses in

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