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We’re always after images for our web site. If you’ve got some you’d like to share then submit them below. It doesn’t matter whether they’re historic, modern, artistic, or feature folk from Skelmersdale – we’d love to showcase them for you.

Please resize your images before uploading them

Whilst we do have unlimited space on our server, visitors to our web site don’t always have unlimited bandwidth (the amount of the data they can download over the Internet in a month) and some access it using relatively slow Internet connections (mobile Internet dongles, mobile phones, etc.). The larger your images are, the more of our visitor’s bandwidth they will consume when viewed and the longer they will take to download.

Please assist us and our visitors by resizing your images before you upload them. Any images above 1Mb in size will not appear in our galleries as a courtesy to our visitors – we would prefer that viewing our web site did not become a costly and time consuming activity.

Need a program to resize your images?

We recommend IrfanView, a free application that will enable you to resize your images. Alternatively you could use an on-line tool like that found at http://www.shrinkpictures.com.

If you resize your images so that they are no wider than 800 pixels and no taller than 800 pixels then this should result in an image that is smaller than 1Mb.

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Simply select the photograph you want to upload by clicking over the [Browse] or [Choose File] button (dependent on your browser), enter a description for the image so we know what it is and then click over the [Upload] button.

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Please note that images will be moderated before they can be viewed publicly. This is to save us any embarrassment should someone decide to upload a tasteless image. Thank you for your understanding.