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  1. Top left hand photo,7th along 2nd row, could be a cousin Leslie (Lesley) Gaskell. Daughter of Bill & Nellie Gaskell.

  2. The Tommy Morris garage photo shows the gable end of a property with green door. To the left of this known as “York Street” was Skem’s first silent film cinema owned by Mr Hutchinson as of “Hutchinson’s” chemist Sandy Lane.

  3. The only photo I have seen of Digmoor School.Thanks to whoever uploaded it.

  4. Reunion re Digmoor School.

    A reunion for any pupils who went to Digmoor School (Any Years) has been arranged . This is being held at The Prince William pub , Beacon Lane , Upholland on Thursday 8th December , 7.30 onwards.Please spread the word so we can all catch up.

  5. The reunion referred to by Joan took place at the Prince William at Dalton on 8 December and proved to be an excellent event. About thirty people turned up and it was amazing to see them after all those years with many of them being immediately recognizable. I took some photos of the event which have been uploaded onto the site.
    There was talk of another meet during the summer months of 2012, so if you missed the first one, make sure you get there next time.

  6. Thankyou David Bellamy for the photo submissions & all who attended the event. Thankyou also to all the Digmoor residents who have subscribed to this website blog, so unlike the majority of others in the area who sadly choose a negative attitude.

    Thanks again.


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