From Joan Neville nee Pennington…

Anyone out there went to Skem Secondary in School
Lane 1962/1966. Remember teachers? Mrs Waterworth,Mrs Wolley.Mr Gaskell.Mr Chapman (Dep Head) Mr Wilson (Head) Miss Philips.Mr Nelson ,

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  1. Yes I remember those teachers, Mrs Waterworth took English and lived in one of those gatehouses to Lathom house estate.If i remember rightly Mr Cope the woodwork teacher made her a new spiral staircase.Mr Nelson was the PE teacher.

  2. I remember them all well. Mrs. Woolley was a tyrant. Wouldn´t even let you have a stripe on your socks. Unlike the kids today. Also, remember Mr. & Mrs. Bowstead, Miss Phillips, Mr. Gaskell and Mrs. Sewall. Mrs. Sewall´s husband conducted the funeral service for my Auntie in March, and we reminised about the teachers at that time.


  4. I still see Mrs Wooley,she lives round the corner from me.I will upload a class photo.from about1962/3.

  5. Yes Tera,we were in the same class,got the class photo to prove it!Also got one of you with my sister Eileen and myself on Blackpool beach ,will dig them out.Are you still in Teneriefe ? I used to see your Auntie ? who lives in Shevington,think she may have looked after the Auntie you said had recently died.I still see the Pennington twins ,but have not seen Jaqueline since school,although we were not related.

  6. My mum was Kathleen Simpkin. She would have gone to the school at that time. She died in 2003.

  7. Oh sorry, please excuse me, I forgot to ask.

    I know my mum went to Barnes Road. She’d have been in the class of 1954/55 I think. (She was born in 1949)
    And she went to Skem Secondary School.

    Can you point me towards a class picture from that time, or her class for definite? (I’ve seen a couple where I’ve thought I recognised her, but I’m not really sure)

    For whatever reason, I don’t have many pictures of my mum.

  8. Hi again Joan, let me know when you put the photos on. Still in Tenerife, my sister lives in Shevington & used to look after my Auntie. We are back in UK 2nd Dec, just for 5 days prior to Xmas. (Long enough) Not looking forward to the cold weather. TERA x

  9. Dear Joan
    you don’t know me but my sister is Jacqueline Pennington she’s abroad at the moment but will be back in britain after xmas we are researching family history at the moment and were bemoaning how few photos we had so it will be great to see a school photo of her when you put it on.
    Val (nee Pennington)

  10. Skem Sec Mod – Teachers

    I went to the school between 1959 & `63 and the teachers I recall are :-

    Mr Wilson (Headmaster)
    Mrs Wooley (Headmistress) – taught english
    Mr Chapman (Deputy Head) – Maths & music
    Mr Gaskell – English Lit
    Mr Mason – Woodwork
    Mr Cope – Woodwork (after Mr Mason retired or moved)
    Mr Bowstead – Art
    Mrs Bowstead – Needlework
    Mr Oakley – Geography
    Mr Tillson – Science & Tech Drawing
    Mr Leech -
    Mr Smith – History
    Mrs Evans – History
    Mrs Houghton (nee Dyson)
    Miss Roughley
    Mr Nelson – Boys PE & Science
    Mrs Sewell (nee Farlow) Girls PE
    Mrs Waterworth – Music
    I also seem to recall a young teacher (or maybe student on teaching practice) who I think was called Beryl. She was small with dark hair – It would be 62/3, anyone else remember her?

  11. Digmoor C of E (Daniels Lane)
    I went to Digmoor school between 1952 & 59 and some of the teachers there were :-

    Mr Balmforth – Headmaster until about `53
    Mr Burrows (before my time)
    Mrs Mack (before my time)
    Mr Holmes – Headmaster (went to Brookfield as head)
    Miss Ball – Taught at Barnes Road before Digmoor
    Mrs Balmforth (Heads wife)
    Mrs Gaskell (Old)
    Mrs Gaskell (Young)
    Mrs Waterworth – Went to Skem Sec via another school

    If anyone has any photos of the school I would love to see them. I have a couple of class photos I will upload if I can work out how (this is my first loggedin visit) providing they can be viewed by all.

  12. Hi, Yes I remember the young teacher you were asking about. Her name was Beryl Myers, I think she came from the Upholland area. She had a younger sister of about our age who she brought on one of the youth hosteling holidays in the Lake District.

  13. Hi Diane,
    I`m sure you`re right with Beryl Myers. I seem to recall her her being one of the teachers who accompanied us pupils to Blackpool on a coach trip though for the life of me I can`t think what it would have been for. I know we went to Liverpool to see a Shakespear play one time but Blackpool???
    I hope I have downloaded a class photo of form X3 c1960/1 that will appear on the site in due course with both you and I on it.

  14. Hi, Who are you, Jim P? You say you were in X3.
    The only Jim that comes to mind, was James Prentice. Is that you ?

  15. For Diane D. Post 13/02

    You are correct Diane – There doesn`t seem to be any sign of the photo I uploaded yet though.

  16. Think Miss Myers married another teacher at the school.


  18. The photos are on “Your picture submissions”,along with alot of new photos.

  19. Charles Bamforth is Chair of the Department of Food Science & Technology and Anheuser-Busch Endowed Professor of Malting & Brewing Sciences at the University of California.

    The Charles Bamforth mentioned, is the son of Mr & Mrs Bamforth who taught at Digmoor School – that was in the early 1950s.

  20. Digmmor School

    I have just uploaded a photo of the infants class of 1953 after at last managing to add pupil names on to the photo. There are a couple of pupils that I am not sure of their names so it would be appreciated if anyone who was at the school around that time could help out in correctly naming the children. If this upload proves OK then I two more class photos that will also be added to the site in due course.

    It`s good to see that many more photos are available for viewing particularly in “streets & landmarks” but a little disapointing that many are not identified. It would be nice to see a little detail of where and if possible when the photos were taken – if only an approximate date. Now I have hopefully mastered the art of adding titles I have a few more photos I can post.

    It is hoped that the Society will be around for many years to come, long after people of my generation are gone. However, my generation and older people will be the only ones who can acurately identify many photos that are pre- new town development so photo details as discussed seems to me, to be quite important.

    I also think that this should apply to the school class names which could provide a valuable resource for anyone trying to trace their family tree in the furure – hence the 2 photos I have already uploaded have pupil names on them. On the Digmoor infants photo there is a girl called Edith seated on the second row. Edith lived at Tawd Bridge and her family emigrated to Austrailia not long after the photo was taken. I have no idea what happened to her but if say her grand children were to come across this photo how pleased would they be to see their nan at school aged 5.

  21. Here is the Edith who attended Digmoor School and who emigrated to Australia! My name was Edith Coulshed. I am still in Australia and often enjoy a trip down memory lane on this web site. I remember you Jim P! I also have just uploaded a few old photos of Tawd Bridge and Digmoor, so I hope you will enjoy looking at them soon. I included a photo of some of the Students from Digmoor and Tawd Bridge waiting for the bus to go to school. The only names I can recall from this group are Sheila Bennett, Stuart Arrowsmith, Brian Foster and David Higham. I see David’s comments above, so I hope he will like seeing this photo

  22. Hi Edith,
    It`s really good to hear from you although I never expected it – just shows what a small world it is these days. I have just checked the uploaded photos and yours don`t seem to have arrived just yet. My first uploads seemingly went astray but they were not published because the files were too big. There is a link on this site where you can download a prog called “IrfanView” that will resize the photos to the 800×600 pix allowed.
    I don`t know if you have any grandchildren but if you do and you don`t have the school infants photo I hope you showed them their nan aged 5 or 6. I think it justifies my earlier comments that photos should have titles wherever possible and more importantly school classes should have the pupils names added. Even if there are mistakes they can be corrected. On one of the photos I posted I got a name wrong but Heritage replaced the original with a corrected copy with no problem at all.

  23. Small world as you say! I remember all those names from Digmoor School and Tawd Bridge. The photos that Jim P uploaded were great, I still have the same originals as well, and was inspired to set up a new site for Digmoor C of E on Friends Reunited although there is a bit of a problem at the moment and I have just asked them to look into it.
    I remember being quite upset when Edith emigrated as we used to play together out at the back. Seem to recall you had a younger brother, as I have, Keith, who went to Skem Secondary Modern.
    I have some photos of Tawd Bridge taken a couple of years ago, let me have your email address and I will gladly send them on.

    Good to hear from you!

  24. Digmoor School Reunion,
    A Reunion has been arranged for any ex pupils of Digmoor School. This will be at The Prince William pub , Beacon Lane. Upholland on Thursday 8th December 7.30 onwards.
    Please tell anyone you know who may be interested in coming along.

  25. Don’t know if anybody remembers me, Dorothy Davies (nee Pye) went to both Barnes Road and Skelm Secondary School with all of you. Miss Myers married Mr Thomas and the married at St Thomas’ Church in Up Holland, the one opposite the White Lion Pub on the corner, think they call is Baxters Brow. I remeber Miss Singleton who used to do the needlework class at Barnes Road, her mum and dad lived next door to me in Olive Grove.

  26. Hello everyone, just found this site, see my sister Val has been on. I remember Dorothy Pye and Joan Pennington and the twins and Tera, she lived near my nan. Eileen and her brother John Briscoe. Tess Bradshaw, Gordon Melling. I have an old school photo which I will try to find.
    I remember Mrs Waterworth, I used to go to the butchers on my way home at lunchtime to get her shopping at the bottom of Sandy Lane.
    I went to Barnes Road, was it Mr Cadwell wo was there.

  27. Re the post above, I recall being in the scouts and Gordon Melling was also with us camping, I wonder if he remembers. Does anyone know of his whereabouts, ive never seen or heard of him since then.

  28. Jaqueline were we in the same class ? I remember ( if it is you ) you lived in Sandy Lane .

  29. Yes, We were in the same class and I did live in Sandy Lane. Do you still live in Lancashire?

  30. Yes, lived outside Wigan when first married (40 years ago !) Live in Whitemoss rd now. How are you ,did you move away ? Dont see many people from school days , although still in contact with Brenda Green , and see the Pennington twins now and then.

  31. Hi Joan,

    Yes I remember those teachers.

    Mrs Woolley is my Aunty and is still going strong at the age of 89. I saw her last weekend and she is still as feisty as ever.

    Hope you are well

    Have a great Christmas


  32. Hi Joan, don’t know if you remember me but I remember you and Brenda Green!
    Re Gordon Melling, he has lived in Essex for yonks but we still keep in regular contact
    In fact I’ve just been talking to him on the phone and he and his wife are coming up to Ormskirk next weekend for our 40th Wedding Anniversary party!

  33. Few names i know ie val and jac penington rememner mrs watetworth and mr Holmes he was Head Master when i went to Brookfeild

  34. Hi I went to Barnes Road School left in 1957. I remember a lot of the teachers, but a couple I think was at the new school in school lane. Yes Mr Cadwell was also at Barnes Road. I now live in Croston been there almost 27 years. I was still in touch and we saw one another with my best friend from school Kathleen Taylor (nee Kenyon) until she died last December. Also still came to Skelm to see my Mum who lived in Rose Crescent. She dead in March 2013 aged 94.

  35. Hi Gillian, did you used to show dogs , we had boxers and used to go to training at mission hall liverpool rd , with jack & jane marshall .

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