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  1. Joan are related to any other Pennington on Ormskirk Rd Upholland e.g. Matthias Pennington I am researching my family tree and I wondered if we were related

  2. Hi Valerie.I am also doing my family tree .I have not come across a Matthias.My dad lived in Pimbo Lane Upholland,although his family came from Ormskirk,and Halsall.There was a Pennington Family lived higher up in Ormskirk Rd next to what is now the Buffs.I think two brothers lived next to each other . The wife of 1 I think was Tom has recently died.If I can be of any help please write again,

  3. used to know a tommy pennington lived gathurst road orrell think he married june birch

  4. Hi Val Mathias Pennington was my Great Grandfather they lived in a house up an entry at the side of the Tawd Bridge Pub. As far as I remember his wife was called Frances they had 7 children If this helps you or you need more info please get in touch, Linda

  5. Hi Linda
    Matthias is also my Gt. Grandfather, his wife was Frances nee Brierley and their son William is my Grandfather I am having problems tracing than Matthias’s Mum (our Gt Gt Grandmother) Jane. So I would be grateful for any information you may have.
    Thank you

  6. I would like to post about the Temp,Fire Staion which I believe the old egg packing house in Ormskirk RoadAs I was a Fireman In Lans County stationed at C56 Crosby I was at times sent To C57 Skem which was the egg packing hose this would be from 1966 onwards before The new staion was built in Tanhouse.I could reel of a load of names some of those would no longer be with us and mostly they transfered from C56 Crosby,Bob Bolton was one,Norman Foster,Dougie Higham, Dennis Glennon,good old Cliff who always was Father Christmas who lived in Clayton Street,Ian Wright, Les Saunderson Stn Officer,Ian Ashcroft who was a brill footballer who played for the County Like Me.the list goes on just pleased that I can still see Skem as I remember,and then there was a L/F what was. his n ame always used to bring flowers and veg that He grew I think he lived by four Lane ends.

  7. re; Grimshaw Lane pun if i remember right the landlord was Joe Dagnall a distance’t relative my name is
    Bernard Gilligan and lived at 442 ormskirk road Tawd Bridge
    from 1959 to 1965

  8. Hi Bernard,We lived on the left of the pub in the cottages they knocked down , the ones on the right are still there. Joe & Sylvia Dagnall had the pub , they had two poodles mitzie & tina. They ran the Brook House at Wrightington for some years later .Did you go to Digmoor School? . I went to a reunion a few weeks ago, planning another one in the summer . Have you read Edith Coombs blog on the site , that brings back memories of tawd bridge & Grimshaw Lane.Quite a few photos of Digmoor on the Wigan World site.

  9. Hi Bernard, I remember you joining us for a short time at St Richards Primary School in Liverpool Rd

  10. Greetings from New Zealand …

    Hi Joan
    You wrote that your father lived in Pimbo Lane. Can I ask where in Pimbo Lane did he live ? Did he have a motor scooter ?

    Just curious

    Dennis Dickinson

  11. Hi Dennis ,Dad lived 27 , Pimbo Lane from his birth 1919 till he married mum in 1946.He did have a scooter , but that was later when we lived in Mill Lane , Hall Green .(after moving from Grimshaw Lane .
    Do you come from Upholland ?
    Joan Neville

  12. Hi Joan

    Your father is not the person I was thinking about.

    Yes I was born in UpHolland (1945) and lived there until 1967.

    I lived at 96 Ormskirk Road – just up the road from the Stanley Hotel.


    Dennis Dickinson

  13. Hi all
    I’m just starting to compile my family tree.
    Sarah Pennington was my great grandmother – she lived in the area in late 1800s / early 1900s – Sarah married William Charles Sargeant and had 5 daughters and one son.
    Sarah had sisters Doris and Janie and a brother Jack.
    Can anyone please give me any information about them.
    Many thanks

  14. Hi Tony
    Your name rings a bell went to St Richards till 61 then St Bedes then 62 St Peters Orrell because they said it was nearer for the bus pass

  15. hi my name is wayne holt my father albert married margerat pennington who lived 3 doors up from the tawd bridge pub ormskirk road her mother was mary anne pennington and her father was jack pennington apreacher at digmoor methodist church i am sure they are all related to your side of the family

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