One thought on “Photo 03

  1. This photo of the Dingle is taken from the footpath that to the right came out at White Gables on Moss Lane and to the left went down to the Tawd then on to Spencers Lane.
    The Dingle itself was a rather curious “pit” unlike others in the area and at some time must have been used to perform some kind of work although I don`t have any idea what. The largest area of water (shown) was quite shallow not much more than 1 foot deep because it was possible to walk across in wellies. The bank on the right and bed was seemed to be compact cinders or the like, then the ferns in the left hand front corner were at the start of a relatively deep and wide ditch that ran away to the Tawd clearly used as a means of draining off excess water.
    If anyone has any idea as to the Dingle`s original use it would be interesting to hear from you.

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