2A Spencers Lane Aerial View c1960

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One thought on “2A Spencers Lane Aerial View c1960

  1. Spencers Lane runs vertically down the left hand side of the view. At the top it joins with Digmoor Road, then the lane wandering off the top of the photo is Crooked Lane that was known to us as “The owlers”. Apparently, although I didn`t know it then, owler is a common old English name for alder, so its more than likely that Crooked Lane supported many alder trees in the past.
    Facing Spencers Lane at its junction with Digmoor Road was “the seat” a wooden bench like those found in parks where we would sit and chat. Walking from the seat back towards Tawd Bridge (at the bottom of the view) the first building on the right was “the green garage” used by a local business and unsurprisingly painted green. Walking further on we came to the junction with Daniels Lane and the Bowling Green Hotel. Leaving the immediate houses took us to a short downhill section, great for riding trollies, then on to The Mount development that at the time may have not been totally complete and on the left Whiteledge farm.
    The pits in the field, top right, were what we called “the three pits” again for obvious reasons then just below on the join in the photo almost centre was the “Dingle”. The pit directly below it “the one pit” and the rough area directly below that on the course of the Tawd was “the crack”.
    On the Tawd itself just above the dingle was a section we called “the demming”. To the left of that was “the deep corner” and to the left again just below the photo join “the plank” where the footpath coming down from Spencers Lane crossed the stream.
    These are just a few of my memories of that time, what are yours?

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