6 thoughts on “Worthington House Pimbo, Upholland.

  1. Worthington House was demolished to make way for factories & roads on Pimbo. My dads cousin Tom Rimmer & his wife Freda worked the farm in 1950s/60s . Dad would help on the farm in the evenings after his job at the brickworks.

  2. My brother Kieth was the hired hand there in the fifties, we lived in Crawford ,I have helped many a time in the harvest, and threshing , and Toms father came round our village with milk every morning. those were the days.

  3. Tom died a couple of years ago in his late 90′s Freda passed away this year age 101. My dad Jimmy Pennington also helped out at the harvesting , his sister Bertha helped Alice in the house .Still in touch with Sylvia & Cicily daughters of Tom & Freda .

  4. My dad, john marrow, was the son of James and cicely and was the last child to be born at worthington house in 1965, just prior to its compulsory purchase to make way for skelmersdale new town.

  5. Midstream is currently situated on the former site of Worthington House, and as we will be celebrating 20 years of operation in 2015, I would welcome any contact with the above people, or anyone who has knowledge or a connection with Worthington House.
    Please get in touch via phone (01695) 555316, or through our contact page on the website http://www.midstream.org.uk.


  6. I am very interested to find further information about the Morrow family. If anybody can help me with this, please get in touch via email. Thank you, Nicola Dilworth

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