2 thoughts on “Cross Keys Inn

  1. I vividly recall having a Saturday dinner time pint in the x keys with Raymond birchall and keith phillipson..
    we were stood at the v small bar ..I recall the landlords name was albert rimmer though I may be wrong with that..
    a mouse was running about in and out of the glasses and we told albert about this ..
    his reply was and I quote-its ok it will have wiped its feet–
    its stuck with me after all the years..

  2. Brought back memories Ken, I remember Albert and his wife Muriel, landlord and landlady. I was in one night with your brother Les when we asked for a pint of Walkers Falstaff. When it was served it was like slutch with lumps floating in it. ” Ger it supped, it,ll do yo no harm ” was a Alberts reply to our complaint. We never did sup it. Me and your Les were experts Ken of nicking empties in the yard then taking them back and getting money on them. Happy days mate.

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