One thought on “Digmoor Ex-pat needs help

  1. Susan,
    I think it is unlikely that your father or siblings were brought up at Whiteledge farm. My grandfather took over from someone called Scarisbrick around 1919 and stayed until 1939 when Forshaws took over and stayed until the 1960s. However, your father and I think Billy were friends of my uncle Tommy who lived at Whiteledge. I believe your grandfather was also called Bill and the family lived next door or next door but one to the Tawd Bridge Inn.
    Of your other uncles & aunts I think Elizabeth married Ashcroft and had a son called David and maybe an older daughter. Walt married Gladys Middlehurst and had a shop a bit higher up Grimshaw Lane than the Grimshaw pub. Possible Billy may have married Annie Bowker. There are two girls called Sheila and Joan Bennett who were at school with me who are almost certainly related but I don`t know who their father was. Both are included in the class photos on this web site.

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