Aunty Sally

My great aunt Sally Johnstone, nee Watkinson. She was quite a well known character, born in Tawd Bridge. She was completely deaf, but never handicapped by this at all. She was the best lipreader I have ever known and could also speak very well, and nothing ever stopped her from enjoying life. She is seen here at the door of her house in Tawd Bridge holding one of her great-nephews.

When my family and I emigrated to Australia, Aunty Sally was always a regular letter writer and kept us well informed of all the local goings on. She loved to go out and take photos of anyone and anything, so she sent us a lot of nice photos over the years. Some of these have already appeared on this website in other galleries, but I am going to post some here as well.

The following photos were all taken in the early 1960s.





Tawd Bridge locals, Mrs Muldoon (left) and Mrs Mary Anne Pennington, sitting at the bus stop on the corner of Spencers Lane and Ormskirk Road. (I am a bit surprised that these ladies consented to have their photos taken while wearing their “pinnies”!)












Three of my former school friends from Dogmoor School, Sheila Bennett, Valerie Taylor and Betty Davis. Very stylish teenagers in the early 1960s.












At the bus stop again. From the left,  Beverly (nee Roughly) Jacqueline Bryers, Mary Forshaw and I can’t remember the other one, ( I hope someone will tell me who she is!)










Tawd Bridge in the snow. The lady on the right is Lizzie Arnold, but I am not sure who the other two are. Maybe someone will comment and remind me!

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Born in Tawd Bridge, attended Digmoor school and chapel. Migrated to Australia in 1958, but have been back to Upholland for visits on several occasions since. Was a teacher, now retired. I would like to keep in touch with the people of Tawd Bridge, Upholland and Skelmersdale, I still have a fond and deep connection with the home of my childhood.

17 thoughts on “Aunty Sally

  1. BUS stop photo girl on right is KATHLEEN GASKELL lived in daniels lane just below the chapel.

    Tawd bridge in the snow photo lady in door way is my aunty ETHEL HOUGHTON other lady I think is LIZZIE LYON but not sure as photo not very clear.


  2. Thanks, Dave, I was expecting that you might be able to fill in some names for me! I think this view of Tawd Bridge in the snow must have been taken from close to your house. I was also thinking that the other lady in the photo might have been Alice Grace (Mrs Cadwell.) What do you think?

  3. Edith sorry i am not the dave ashcroft who lived at tawd bridge i lived in daniels lane.
    lizzie arnold had a sister bett they lived in the house`s behind the one`s in the photo bett worked at skem shoe co.

    i remember joe coulshed jimmy coulshed and a couldshed emigrating to australia joe in his later years lived in orrell jimmy married lizzie lyon they lived in liverpool rd skem are you related.
    they came to our house a lot we always called them aunty and uncle but dont know if they where same with the arnold`s regards dave

  4. Sorry, Dave, I had the families mixed up. It is good to realise who you are, and of course I knew your family and the connection with my Coulshed relatives. Thanks for all the interseting and informative comments you have posted to this blog. Cheers Edith

  5. In that photo of Tawd Bridge in the snow, I have just found out who the other person was – Mrs Hilda Forshaw.

  6. Greetings from New Zealand ! would the Mary Forshaw at the bus stop be the daughter of the Coal Merchant at Tawd Bridge ? She would be approx 63 years of age now ?

  7. Yes, that Mary at the bus stop is the daughter of Fred Forshaw who was a coal merchant and Hilda Forshaw. They lived at Whiteledge Farm. I wouldn’t dare to speculate on Mary’s age… (Hi, Mary!)

  8. Thank you for replying Edith – Mary married a friend of mine from my school days ‘David’ she may not even be 60 yet !

  9. HY Edith dont know if you remember but we used to call the delph”s the green waters.
    the water used to have a greenish tint.
    think dennis is about right with marys age whiteledge farm escaped the new town bulldozers and is still standing today regards dave

  10. Dave – The Forshaw family moved from the Whiteledge farm in the 1960s – they moved to Beech House (about 200 yards further up Ormskirk Road from the Stanley Hotel).

  11. There is a photo of Mary Forshaw on the web site taken a few months ago at the Digmoor School reunion that was held at The Prince William Dalton. Mary will be about 63.

  12. hi edith rember you from school and your harold you had to walk past our house to go up the pads to school i was talking to betty davis last week and joan hodson we had a reunion from digmoor got a few photos from school try and put the on some of the photos you put on i have not seen thanks eddie

  13. I believe that Sheila Bennett in the photo is my cousin. Was she the daughter of Louie and Tom Bennett? Did she have a sister Joan?
    I am Susan Bennett Uhnak, daughter of Harry and Margaret Bennett who imigrated to America in 1956, I visited my Aunt and Uncle in I believe it was 1959 or 1960 when we stayed with them. I can vividly remember Joan and Sheila, we shared a bed when Auntie Gee stayed over.

  14. hi edith my aunty francis dawson was pennington told me that your aunty gladys myers was my mums bridemaid at her wedding in 1943 at digmoor chapel i did have a photo but i gave it to my sister . my mum always tried to stay in contact with gladys good mates

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