British Legion, 1950s

My father, Tom Coulshed, was a keen active member of the British Legion after the war. The local branch used to meet in the Plough and Harrow. I am not sure if it will be possible to read the names in the top picture, so I will copy them here.

Branch Officials: President – Mr M. Baxter   Chairman – Mr T Redfern   Vice Chairman – Mr C J Kenyon

Secretary – Mr G Mills, 321 Ormskirk Road, Upholland.   Treasurer – Mr L Evans

Committee – Messrs. W Fairclough, H Turner, T Coulshed, J Coulshed, A Baxter, L S Yarwood,

J Glover, A.Ashcroft, W Dodson, H Caunce, H Snape

Service Committee: Chairman – Mr H Turner   Vice Chairman – Mr T Redfern

Secretary and Poppy Day Organiser – Mr J Glover   Treasurer – Mr L Evans

Standard Bearer – Mr G Mills.

(My dad, Tom Coulshed is second from the right, back row; my uncle Joe Coulshed is second from the left, back row. As for all the others, maybe someone will leave a comment and put names to faces.)

There was a blotter and calendar which came with this picture. I thought I would include a couple of pages to bring back memories of some of the local trades-persons and businesses of the 1950s

It might have been a good idea to put advertising on a blotter in those days – because we all used them, right? Very few people born after the 1950s would know what a blotter was!

My personal memories of this time – my dad (and the other British Legion members) used to sell poppies in the couple of weeks leading up to Remembrance Day. As soon as I was old enough to be able to walk around with him, Dad always took me with him to sell poppies. The poppies were in a tray that I carried with a strap that went around my neck. We walked all round Tawd Bridge and Grimshaw Lane, (that was my Dad’s “patch”) and knocked on everyone’s door. It was cold, dark and damp in early November as we did our rounds, but I was always proud to go out and sell poppies with my dad.




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