Choir Trips.


I grew up hearing lots of stories from my family about all the fun they had on the Digmoor Chapel Choir outings they had each year. This one looks to be in the 1920s, and the ladies look very elegant. The one in the centre is Cath Moss, the only one I know for sure. The lady just behind her in the darkest coat I think looks like Peg Watkinson, who was married to Walt Watkinson.







This Choir trip was to Morcambe, they look like they are having fun!

From the left: Edie Roscoe (nee Lyon)  Hilda Bannister, Lizzie Middlehurst (standing at the back)  Lizzie Lawson,  Ada Rowley, Ivy Sharrock.




Choir trip to Southport.

From the left:

Nellie Myers, Sarah Lawson, the bus driver, Nellie Finney, Edie Lyon.

The face in the bus window is my grandfather, Tom Myers.

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