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  1. I seem to remember local character Walter Giller having the Bowling Green pub in the `60s

  2. Iremember Bob Cain being the Lanlord of the bowling green.
    He was also in haulage with ford tipper trucks.
    Not to sure about the time may be late (60s) early (70s)

  3. Don’t know if Walter Giller had the pub But he had a Fruit & Veg business in Wigan road my dad work for him for a spell
    and my uncle Rueben being a farmer drank there on a Sunday in the very early 60′s

  4. I`m not sure if Walt Giller was ever the landlord of the Bowling Green either, although I do recall my uncle Jimmy talking about him. Walt had a bit of a yard somewhere opposite Cooper`s egg packing station and as my uncle worked at Valentines farm they would probably come into contact with each other.
    As to other landlords of the Bowling Green the first I remember was called Gerrard followed by Smith then Breeze and Mrs Brown. Around 1953/4 I played with Mr Gerrards son Alan then later on c1959 we had Mr Smith who only stayed for a short time and had a daughter Shirley. He was followed by Mr Breeze who had a daughter Janet and was there for 2 or 3 years, then came Mrs Brown. I don`t think there was a gap between Smith and Breeze but as for the others there may have been other landlords between. Whether Bob Cain was before or after Mrs Brown I can`t be sure.
    According to the 1901 census on this site a Joseph Ratcliffe was landlord in 1901.

  5. With respect to subscribers re Walter Giller. I was a personal friend to Walter & can say without fear of contradiction Walter was indeed the landlord of the Bowling Green in mid to late 50s. I along with others including Walt’s brothers Jack & Owen often frequented the pub.


  6. Sorry got the names wrong it was Owen who had the fruit and Veg business not Walt,re Jim P was your uncle named Harry Peet as a young lad i worked for Dick Valentine after school and @ weekends then is son lived a few doors up from us in the late 60′s on Alma Hill

  7. No, Bernard my uncle was Jimmy Heyes. As far as I can remember he always worked at Valentines. He worked on his fathers farm (Whiteledge) until around the time he got married in the `30s when I think he went to Valentines and stayed there until the new town took over the land.

  8. Does anyone know where Broad lane , Digmoor was .

  9. Broad Lane was at Back Digmoor and connected Digmoor Road to Potter Lane. If you walked up Spencers Lane from Tawd Bridge and went past the Bowling Green down to the tee junction with Digmoor Road and turned left, Broad Lane was the first turning on the right. About 50 yards further up on the left was the path that went over to Daniels Lane just above the school. The far end of Broad Lane joined Potter Lane 100 yards or so above Digmoor Hall Farm (Almonds). I have an aerial view of the “Back Digmoor Loop” that I will upload in due course. At the moment there seems to be a problem with some of the apps, at least on my computer.

  10. i was born at the bowling green in 1948 my parents JACK + ELLAN MILLETT were landlord +landlady then . later about 1952 my aunt +uncle KATHLEEN + HAROLD GERRARD took over they had two sons ALAN+PHILLIP

  11. Hello, Walter Stanley Giller was my grandad, any old photos would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

  12. Walter played a large part in the history of Southport football club so I would be keep to hear from anyone who can provide me either a picture or some background information on him.
    Kind Regards,
    Daniel Hayes

  13. Hi Jim so nice to hear from you. We went to digmoor school together, i remember your siste cathrine as well . hope you all are okay. love ,david

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