Going for a Walk

  My mother often looked back with nostalgia to the good old days before   television when people enjoyed the simple pleasure of going for a walk. Often, on a nice summer evening after chapel, a whole group of friends would go out for a walk together.

Here we have a group of people from Digmoor Chapel. I’m sorry I do not know all the names.

1. John Myers,  7. Gladys Johnson nee Myers,   8. Clifford Johnson (Gladys’ husband)    9. Mary Olive Davis nee Lockwood,    10. Hazel Hesketh nee Speakman.










From the left:

Walt Nixon, Mary Hesketh,

Mabel Ashurst, Eric Ashcroft,

Eva Myers, Ernie Pennington,

at the front, Eric Watkinson and

John (Jackie) Myers










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About Edith C

Born in Tawd Bridge, attended Digmoor school and chapel. Migrated to Australia in 1958, but have been back to Upholland for visits on several occasions since. Was a teacher, now retired. I would like to keep in touch with the people of Tawd Bridge, Upholland and Skelmersdale, I still have a fond and deep connection with the home of my childhood.

One thought on “Going for a Walk

  1. No 11 on going for a walk is my Auntie, Hilda Birch.
    Her family lived in the row of stone houses, on Ormskirk Road, opposite Chequer Lane.

    Regards Christine Bruce (nee Birch)

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