Something New

Something new for me, posting a blog!

I was born in Tawd Bridge and lived very happily there, attending Digmoor school and chapel, until I was 10 years old.  My family and I migrated to Australia in 1958, and I have been living here off and on ever since. I came back to live in Upholland for 4 years or so in the 1970s, and have been back for shorter visits on several occasions since.

While I was growing up in Australia, I was obsessed with the idea that Iwould return to live in England at the soonest opportunity. I was homesick for England and Tawd Bridge all the time that I was away!

Anyway, as it usualy happens, time moves on and you get involved in your life, your work, your family and other interests, and suddenly before you know it, more than 40 years have passed!

I still have a deep and abiding love for the home of my youth, and still miss the place; which is why I visit websites such as this quite often. A little nostalgia once a week or so makes me feel closer to “home”.

In starting this blog I intend to write about my memories and feelings for the old days in Tawd Bridge, Digmoor and Skem. I hope that whoever reads this may perhaps leave a comment, it would be wonderful to make “virtual” contact with people who belong to Skelmersdale.

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About Edith C

Born in Tawd Bridge, attended Digmoor school and chapel. Migrated to Australia in 1958, but have been back to Upholland for visits on several occasions since. Was a teacher, now retired. I would like to keep in touch with the people of Tawd Bridge, Upholland and Skelmersdale, I still have a fond and deep connection with the home of my childhood.

4 thoughts on “Something New

  1. i was born in digmoor went to digmoor schoolleft in 1956 are you a choulshed remember a member of the family emigrating to australia

  2. I went to Digmoor C of E School and lived at Tawd Bridge, 454 Ormskirk Road, so you must be a Coulshed as I remember your family emigrating. I remember Edith well as she was the same age and class and we used to play together, if you look though the site, there are three or four old school photos. I also have some photos of Tawd Bridge now, let me have your email address and I will send them.
    Nice to hear from you!

  3. Hello there, I was born in grimshaw lane , next to the grimshaw lane pub , and went to Digmoor school 1956/1962.
    I remember Harold Coulshed,and I think his cousin emigrating to Australia.I have put a few Digmoor school photos and walking day on the web site.My dad Jimmy Pennington is 92.I live in Skem now.
    Joan Neville nee Pennington

  4. To David Bellamy Post November 9 2011.

    Why not share your photos with other Digmoor/Tawd Bridge subscribers to the site to enjoy?. The website is soley dependant on public participation.


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