Tawd Bridge Kids

Here are some photos from Mam’s camera. It’s good that she conveniently put the date on the border!

At the door of our house at Tawd Bridge, my brother Harold, my friend Sheila and I with our long suffering cat, Timothy.


Sheila lived next-door-but-one and was my best friend from the time we first started at Digmoor school. What a lot of childhood adventures we shared!


I was very sorry to hear that Sheila had recently passed away. I send my greetings, sympathy and best wishes to any of her family and friends who may read this.






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About Edith C

Born in Tawd Bridge, attended Digmoor school and chapel. Migrated to Australia in 1958, but have been back to Upholland for visits on several occasions since. Was a teacher, now retired. I would like to keep in touch with the people of Tawd Bridge, Upholland and Skelmersdale, I still have a fond and deep connection with the home of my childhood.

6 thoughts on “Tawd Bridge Kids

  1. Hi Bernard, as a child I lived at 462 Ormskirk Road. It was the last row of houses, and we were 4 doors up from the Tawd Bridge pub.
    My friend was Sheila Bennett, daughter of Tom and Louie Bennett. They lived next door but one, second house from the pub. The Bennetts were related to the Ashcrofts who lived a bit further up the road. Lizzie Ashcroft was Tom Bennett’s sister.

  2. Hi Edith
    Sorry its took so long to reply i do remember Sheila did she have a sister called Christine i new her brother Mick the last time i spoke to him was about 17/18 years ago in the Ince area of Wigan where he lived at the time.

  3. Hello again Bernard. Sheila Bennett had a sister named Joan. She had a cousin called Christine Bennett who was the daughter of Billy Bennett.

  4. Hi i’m Danielle Bennett granddaughter to joan bennett she is here with me now reading through :) she says hello and hopes you are well.
    Sheila passed away and so has micheal. Billy, joan and Christine still live in the upholland area and visit tawd bridge often

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