The Back Lane

I have written about the back lane before, but I thought I would share this photo which is the only one I have of the back lane – and my brother Harold joyfully running down it!

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About Edith C

Born in Tawd Bridge, attended Digmoor school and chapel. Migrated to Australia in 1958, but have been back to Upholland for visits on several occasions since. Was a teacher, now retired. I would like to keep in touch with the people of Tawd Bridge, Upholland and Skelmersdale, I still have a fond and deep connection with the home of my childhood.

3 thoughts on “The Back Lane

  1. Super photo of “The Back Lane”, actually Tawd Road, not too far above the spring where the Gypsies set up camp a couple of times a year and Bill Fairhurst had his scrap yard. The spring was on the right hand side of the road as we look up the hill.

  2. IF you came from the green waters to top of road turn right you came out at tawd bridge.
    Turn left you came out at ormskirk road just above quarry bank house.

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