3 thoughts on “Watkinson’s shop

  1. Greetings from New Zealand …
    I remember Watkinson’s Shop – it was on the right-hand side going from UpHolland to Skelmersdale near to the hotel (Tawd Bridge ?)
    It is over 45 years since I left living in England, but the photograph brings back memories.
    I am trying to remember the name of the Watkinson who owned it in the 1950s ?? I think he drove a large black motor car.

  2. it was walter Watkinson.
    on cup final day in 53 he let us lads watch the final on his small b and w t v ..he was ok was walter..

  3. Hi Dennis. Been a long time? I used to live on Ormskirk road, just up from you. It definately was Walt Wacks shop. My great uncle Walt was a real character, as were all my Grandads family. Jem, Alice, Sally, Bill.
    I moved back to Upholland in 2009 when I re-married and live 100 yards from where I was brought up on the corner of Dailton road.

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