16 thoughts on “Unknown Skem workforce 1977

  1. Wow…yeah…no 1 is my dad. (Derek Dickinson). Thanks for posting this! :-)

    cheers, Clive

  2. No 14 is Roy Fisher ( we used to live next door to them on Ormskirk Rd)

    No 8 is John Martland ( married Winifred Rawsthorne also live on Ormskirk Rd )

    and between 16 and 17 is a very young Alan Singleton

  3. No 10 = John (Jeff) Smith
    No 11 =Jimmy Shepherd,
    No 15 =Paul Fletcher (? ),
    Between 11-12 is John Bullen,
    No 18 = George Burge,
    between 18-19 is Jim Smith,
    No 19 =Harry Singleton,
    No 20 = Ted Chance,
    No 21= Dick Gregson,
    between 20-21 is Ray Fletcher.

  4. Yes number 11 is my Dad James Shepherd who was Chargehand Engineer of the Machine Shop at F E Callow Engineers of Taylor Street. Some great lads worked there like Stan Chadwick and Ossie Wade but not sure if in the picture. I remember John Bullen who lived next to the dairy by the Carter’s Arms pub near Kirkby railway station.

    I worked in the drawing office as an apprentice mechanical draughtsman 1962-1966ish with Robert (Taffy) Austin and Peter who married one of the girls out of the office. My Dad would either drive to work in his Ford Pop or use his moped which I used to ride behind on my push bike!! David Bird used to give me the occasional pillion ride on his Ariel Arrow stripped to the bone like a cafe racer…used to scare the s**t out of me going around (or was it through) four lane ends island!!!! Happy Happy Days.

    Best Regards

  5. Some more names I remember are Bryce Charters and Harry the Mill from the drawing office..Eddie Grant, Fred Hall, Fred Hargreaves, Rod Harris, Cliff Swindles and Ossie’s surname was James not Wade.

    Best Regards

  6. Apologies this should have been in between my two last posts.

    Others I remember are Fred Hall, Fred Hargreaves, Eddie Grant, Cliff Swindells, Rod ??, Bryce Charters, Harry the Mill.

    Part of the apprenticeship was spending one day and an evening class at Kirkby College and working in the sheet metal work shop, bulk handling, hardening shop and machine shop. I remember being sent to the stores for a long wait, left handed screws/screwdriver etc.

    Best Regards

  7. i was brougt up in wigan but married a skem lad in1959 his name was les wynn from liverpool rd he passed away in 2008 i still miss him very much
    hope to hear from u soon best wishes sheila

  8. It was great to see some of these great chaps from FECallows in Skem. Some other names (not on the photo) mostly from the office staff Noel Anderson, Pete Love,Bob Ball,Val Callow,inthe workshop- Sam Smith, Carlos Rivera, Sid(paint shop), Les Goffit(welder), Brian Martin,Max(welders),Rodney(stores),Arthur Williams,Ben Trueman- that’s it for now! Kind regards Norman

  9. I worked there in 1965, as an apprentice fitter with Tommy Melia, great to hear those long forgotten names.
    Thoroughly enjoyed myself there.
    There were 2 brothers from Liverpool, think they were called Cowpland but not 100% sure, maybe Dave and John. Also a Welsh lad called Taffy.

  10. I didn’t work at Callows but the firm I worked for AC Engineering of Skelmersdale dealt with Callows. I wonder if anyone remembers AC or its workers I remember Vinny who worked in the office. And John Sloane who sadly passed away. It was a long time ago but hope someone remembers. I am now in New Zealand and really am keen to find out,

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