One thought on “Who’s who 09

  1. This photograph was taken during a measles epedemic in St Richards Scool – only half the children in that class are on the photo. They are as follows: starting from no. 1
    Jimmy Griffiths, John Haridman, Ronnie Greenhall, Eddie Johnson, Martin Mac Namara, Michael Neville, John Bickerstaffe, Christine Abbott, Ann Fortune, John Lawrence, Ian Georgeson, James Topping, Margaret Hoard, Susan Griffin, Angela Roughley, ??? Cavanagh (only there for a short while she was Irish and lived in Cock Farm) Ann Ackers, Ann Graham, Angela Mawsley. Missing children:- Barbara Moulding, Josie O’Neill, Ann Garner, Michael Beech, Charles Critchely, Barbara Swift, Eleanor Greenhall – sorry I can’t remember any more!!

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