Hannah Burgess

Miss Burgess (left) with Mr W. Birch (centre)

Miss Burgess (left) with Mr W. Birch (centre)

Article reproduced from the Advertiser, 30th April 1970.

Hannah Burgess of Witham Road Mission Sunday School


When Miss Hannah Burgess returned to the Mission Sunday School in Skelmersdale things were just the same as when she left, with scholars and staff carrying on the work she once took part in.

“Even today men and women are playing their part in other places of worship, meeting after early years and connections here in the Mission Sunday School,” Miss Burgess said on Saturday afternoon when she opened the annual Spring Fair of St. Paul’s Parish Church, Skelmersdale, held in the Mission Sunday School in Witham Road.

“There are changes now in negotiations regarding the Sunday School, until these are completed, Mr W. Birch, Sunday School Superintendent, assures me they will carry on as usual,” she continued.

Formerly both a scholar and teacher at the Mission Sunday School, Miss Burgess recalled memories of many years ago in the Sunday School.

“However, times change,” said Miss Burgess, “and I had to leave Skelmersadale to be nearer my teaching post in Liverpool.

“Then having finished my teaching, I decided to come back as near Skelmersdale as I could.

On returning I have met the band of workers who, under the leadership of Mr Birch, are carrying on the good work of the Mission Sunday School.

“To great many people in Skelmersdale the Mission Sunday School means a lot,” added Miss Burgess. “What the future holds for us yet we do not know. But the good work will continue to be done as far as it is humanly possible.”

Miss Burgess was welcomed to the fair by the Rev. Jack Whittaker, Vicar of St. Paul’s who said she was well-known to many Skelmersdale people both as a scholar and teacher at the Mission.

Superintendent of the Sunday School, Mr Birch gave a vote of thanks.

A bouquet was presented to Miss Burgess by Anita Pattern

Buttonholes and sprays were presented to the platform party by Susan Lyon, Denise Halsall, Andrea Pennington and Margaret Thomas.

Present at the fair were Councillor Roy Lyon, chairman of Skelmersdale and Holland Council, and his wife, Margaret, as well as Skelmersdale’s Church Army representative, Captail Noel Roe.

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