Stocks Farm

The Snape and Ashurst Family from Stocks Farm

as told by Mr Frank Waterson

Mr Frank Waterson was born in Liverpool in 1926. At the age of 13 in Sept 1939 he was evacuated to Skelmersdale, just a Village back then along with his sisters Edith and Dot and his brother Harry.

When they first came to Skem they came by train to Ormskirk Railway Station and then by coach to the Endowed School. From there Frank and Harry went to stay with a couple in School Lane and Edith and Dot went to stay with a family in Stormy.

About three weeks later all the kids were sent to Stocks Farm (click here to see details of the family from the 1901 census) and they had the time of their lives. Living at Stocks then was Grace Ashurst (daughter of Mr Daniel Snape) and Tom Ashurst, and their child Lucy (who later became Mason; she died in 2001).

He stayed there until he was called for National Service and went back to Liverpool but always came back at the weekend. The Ashursts eventually moved to Number 2 White Moss Road, a striking cottage directly opposite the old Engine Pub (now the British Legion).

Grace was Skem’s florist and the family had a shop in Liverpool Road.

Frank is now 80 and because of his bond with the Ashursts decided to come back to live in Skem in 1985.

Thanks to Frank, he has lent the Heritage Society some of his wonderful pictures which can be seen below. Please click over them to see them full-size.

3 thoughts on “Stocks Farm

  1. Dear Frank Waterson,

    Stopes Farm belonged to my Grandfather and it was exciting to see all the pics of family. My mother Amy married into the Davies Family. We did go to the farm years ago and my sister Marjorie moved back to Skem. She would drive Lucy around shopping in Skem up until Lucy died. My sister is now in Belong Nursing Home in Atherton and she will be 93 March 21st. Today I am taking all the pics for her to see. I hope you contact me.

  2. Mr. Davies:

    Are you related to the Melvin Davies who appears on the Skelmersdale Council School photo for 1955 and is referenced in Memories of Skem?
    I am trying to reach him with the thought he might know where to find my pen pal from the 1956-1957 period, Linda Fitzpatrick, who is on the photo with him. Any help you can give would be most appreciated. My maiden name in 1956 was Nancy Arpe and I lived in St. Louis, MO, USA. Thanks so much. Nancy Dunphy, Chesterfield, MO

  3. Dear Nancy

    Sorry Cant help you on this one. Our Davies’s came from Wales. My father married Amy Snape from Stocks Farm Upholland. After they married thay moved to London where I was born however I have many happy memories of the times we visited Stocks farm as a child.
    I do hope you find the person you are looking for. Maybe if you typed Linda Fitzpatrick into this website search, you may find her.

    Kindest Regards, Harry Davies

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