Tawd Vale Colliery Disaster

Tawd Vale Colliery Disaster

Nov 30th 1897

These pictures were taken on the day of disaster by, Alfred Wragg, photographer, Burscough St Ormskirk.

The cause of the disaster, as reported in local press was the bursting of the river banks, this was not the case.

Due to the exceedingly high amount of additional water flowing into the river, the river bed collapsed & found it’s way into the workings. (see sketch by Henry Hall, surveyor at bottom of this page) no relation to the dance band leader. As you will see on sketch, the shafts were on high ground in relation to the river.

The colliery was situated on the slope at the back of where Lathom High School is today.

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3 thoughts on “Tawd Vale Colliery Disaster

  1. i got to lathom and in the summer we sit in the hill that it seems that you are describing. this will be something very interesting to tell some of my friends that are interested with the skem collierys and mines !!! thanks for the info !! :)

  2. If the bodies of the two men who died were left below ground, why is their no memorial to them, or fr that matter, to the disaster itself? I took my first walk through Tawd Valley the other day and was astonished at how little, despite West Lancs saying differently, little is being done to show the valley and its history to its best advantage. There seems to be lack of interest in the history of Skelmersdale by those authority. Part of the problem of not having its own council.

    Surely there is scope for a dedicated group to be responsible for maintaining the valley and promoting it. Skem has a facility here that could equal Wigan’s Three Sisters and Pennington Flash.

  3. One of them men killed in the disaster, William Coll (Daniels) was my grandfather’s grandfather. He was the night fireman. If anyone has any further information I would be most grateful to hear from them.

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