is a web or blog tool that provides a place for readers to get information about world heritage. Functioning as a means of sharing information, location, travel, trips, culinary, arts, culture, and others among travelers and the community online, and for free.

How did this site get started?
Initially, is a Personal Blog, here we review world heritage sites, both the tourist sites, arts, travel, lodging, food. We want to contribute to world heritage.

By writing, documenting, for us, this means learning a lot of new things. From the location, culture, food, etc. Very interesting experience learning something new. In addition, we learned to talk, blog, video, photography, photo video, sound editing, social media, and IT. I can learn and try new gadgets. I also want to make new friends. Always new things every day. What a great adventure.

Why do you offer this service for free? is an idea of ​​the ideals of the founders, where travel and tourism activities can be published and help the community to recognize tourist areas through online journal articles. Therefore this service can be enjoyed free of charge by the public and travelers. But then it does not rule out the possibility that one day we might use advertisements, but not by exploiting our users with spam, popups, promotions and other improper things. In addition – we have a clear and fair copyright policy, whereby the copyright of each journal and photo belongs to the author, and we only publish it on our website.

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