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Travelling to UNESCO site and another Beautiful Place in Malaysia

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Melaka Heritage City is a tourist attraction that you must visit. In this place, you will find various types of building houses that have been diverse and mixed with other cultures such as China, the Netherlands, England, and Spain.

A very strategic place for trading is what makes many traders become settled in Melaka. Not only that, Melaka has obtained a degree from UNESCO, World Heritage City.

The distinctive feature that can be remembered and remembered by every visitor is the red building. The building, which was formerly used as a place for centralizing the administration of the Netherlands Governor, has been built since 1950.

Melaka City

The location of this Stadthuys is also in the area called Red Square, where the whole building has one color, red. The building is also still thick with the atmosphere of the Dutch colonial style. Because the building was not completely demolished.

Aside from this, Stadthuys has a religious building, which is a church that has been built by the Dutch since 1753. Initially, this church was used by the Dutch Protestant Christian congregation, but since when the British colonial came to this area, the church was taken over as an Anglican church by the English congregation.

In this church, there are various types of gravestones written in Dutch to English. So increasingly curious about a place that has various types of history that have been left long ago with a building that is still sturdy.

There’s nothing wrong with finding out some buildings or tourist attractions in Melaka during your vacation in Malaysia.

Another Beautiful Place in Malaysia

Even though Malaysia is an Islamic state, it still accommodates an international gambling facility in Genting Highland.

The casino is located not far from Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Only traveled in 1 hour 30 minutes by car, gambling addicts can get to the Genting Highland region. An area over steep hills.

The writer, who had the opportunity to stop by at Genting Highland, found a pretty amazing sight. Heading to this gambling place must be traveled in a winding road with steep hills.

But do not worry, the trip is a quite steep uphill, has an adequate road area. In fact, the road leading to Genting, which is situated 2,000 meters above sea level, has two lanes with a road width of more than 30 meters. The road was smooth without any holes.

While heading into these hills, you can see a beautiful forest, with no bare forest areas. Nature is really well maintained. From below, towards the steep hills, the road curved like a snake. Cold air pierced into the bone. The peak of Genting is seen from below in the clouds.

Towards the top, there are shop houses that provide food. We just choose according to each taste. Resting for a moment on the side of the road while enjoying the beautiful scenery, the writer went back to the top.

Heavy rain weather covered the peak area. High buildings clawed at the sky was invisible because of thick clouds. In the mountains of Titiwangsa, various five-star hotels line up. At least more than five international standard hotels are lined up in the mountains — one hotel to another hotel, connecting each other through the corridor.


December in Malaysia is a school holiday month for 40 days. No doubt, the atmosphere in Genting is like a market. Many of them bring their families, and some come alone to play gambling in this mountain top area, not merely a casino. But there are children’s entertainment venues like waterparks and roller coaster.

That is why this area is one of the places of choice for Malaysians to vacation with family. Between the crush of the building clawing at the sky, there is a place for recreation, as well as a casino.

The author stayed that night at a five-star hotel, First World, which was recorded as the most furnished hotel in the world. It can be imagined that this hotel stands majestically with 28 floors and has 8 thousand rooms. These are not yet other international hotels. In this school children’s holiday season, almost all hotel residences are full.

There are no hotels in this area that use air-conditioning. Only a fan is available in each room. There is no cooling of this air conditioner, so this region is very cold. A gust of wind with dew penetrates the hotel room, so it stays cool.

In this Genting region, people are crowded both for leisure or gambling. Gambling addicts from all over the world grow up there all. Towards the corridor where the casino was, there was a photo of Jackie Chan depicting a Hong Kong film actor who had once gambled in there, a casino building where you can also play it in Genting. Almost all of the world’s artists have visited the region.

Entering the gambling zone, for the people of Malaysia, especially Muslims, are prohibited from entering. But for non-Muslim Malaysians are allowed to play gambling. In this Genting region, it has its own authority permitted by the Malaysian government. The area manager is justified to have its own security. At night, around 21:00 local time, when trying to enter the gambling arena, officers stand guard there and will ask for a passport.

To go to the gambling location, you must visit the corridor and escalator several times. If you first come to that location, you may be lost and circling around in that location. How vast is the gambling area?

In this gambling arena, we are free to choose from. There are various forms of gambling available, from electronic gambling to dice gambling matters. Gambling lovers simply choose; there is an air-conditioned room that is used for non-smokers; there is also a special room for cigarette lovers.

These gambling addicts are mostly Chinese citizens who come from various parts of the world. This gambling location in Genting is still far better than gambling in Singapore. This is because of the beautiful scenery and its location at the top of the mountain. Thus, Genting Highland becomes excellent for those who play gambling games.

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