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Google Doodle Celebrates The Lorentz National Park in Papua – UNESCO World Heritage Site

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On December 4, 2019 last year, Google Doodle celebrated the anniversary of Lorentz National Park in Papua. Lorentz is the largest national park in Southeast Asia with a land area of 2.4 million hectares. This park is still strange, explored, and there are many native plants, animals, and cultures. In 1999 this national park was accepted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Quoted from the Google doodle page, this park stretches over 24,864 kilometers in the province of Papua, right at the intersection of two colliding continental plates. Within the protected forest area contains several ecosystems, including meadows, swamps, beaches, rain forests, and mountains covered with eternal snow.

Lorentz National Park, which became Google doodle, also includes the mountain with the highest peak in Southeast Asia and the most famous in the world, namely Puncak Jaya.


In addition to a variety of plants, this park is also famous for its biodiversity and is home to many rare animals.

The types of animals that have been identified in Lorentz National Park are 630 species of birds, of which around 70 percent of birds are in Papua, and 123 species of mammals. The types of birds that characterize this national park are two types of cassowaries, four megapods, 31 species of pigeons, 30 species of parrots, 13 species of shrimp birds, 29 species of honey birds, and 20 endemic species including long-tailed birds of paradise (Paradigalla carunculate) and quail snow (Anurophasis monorthonyx).

In addition, mammals are recorded among others long snout pigs (Zaglossus bruijnii), short snout pigs (Tachyglossus aculeatus), 4 types of cuscus, wallabies, forest cats, and tree kangaroos.

The animals, including tigers, tree kangaroos and endangered bird species such as the Pesquet parrot that appear on Google doodle today, and spiny mammals spiny echidna spiny eggs lay.

Named after the Dutch Explorers

As other information that needs to be known is that the protected forest located in Papua was named by Hendrikus Albertus Lorentz in 1909.

When threatened by logging, hunting, and pollution, Lorentz National Park is immediately included in the list of World Heritage Sites protected by the World Wildlife Federation and UNESCO.

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